Tablet Computers to Replace 1 in 3 PCs: Report

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As the number of tablet computers on the market steadily increases, consumers are being faced with tough decisions -- do they buy a traditional laptop, a netbook, or one of the new slate options from Apple or a slew of PC makers?

According to a new study, it's expected more consumers will opt for tablets rather than netbooks or laptops in the coming year.

The study, which was completed by analysts at Goldman Sachs, finds that tablet computer sales will steer consumers away from traditional PC laptops at a rate of 33 to 35 per cent. Thus, it's not expected the PC market will grow much in 2011, since so many consumers will refrain from buying both a laptop or netbook computer. (Source:

Overall, it's believed the PC market will only grow by 8 per cent next year.

Microsoft Criticized for Slow Tablet Start

Goldman Sachs analysts also took time to criticize Microsoft and its PC partners for dragging their heels in entering the tablet market. Analysts say Microsoft has taken far too long to get into the tablet market, allowing rivals Google and Apple to establish themselves early with consumers.

"What is surprising is that many of these products are not utilizing Intel microprocessors or a Microsoft operating environment," noted Bill Shope, analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Tablet Growth Good News for Apple

Shope predicted an incredible jump in sales for tablet computers in 2011. He believes sales of the ultra-portable devices will grow 500 per cent next year, to 54.7 million units.

All of this is good news for Apple, which to this point has virtually dominated the tablet market with its much-beloved iPad.

"The fast rise in tablets could have significant implications across the technology industry as a whole," Shope said, adding that Apple's share of computer sales could increase to 12 per cent.

Microsoft is preparing to respond to the iPad's growth with an emphasis on new PC tablet computers at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, 2011. It's reported that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be on hand to show off several such devices. (Source:

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