ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1 Review

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Synopsis: Are you tired of using below standard, run-of-the-mill digital photo editing software that came free with your Digital Camera? Wish you could produce professional looking photos and share them with friends and family -- all with little time and effort? Then look no more! ColorCoded PhotoStudio is a full, feature-packed photo editor, slide-show viewer, organizer, web album maker, and the last photo solution you'll ever need for manipulating, organizing, and sharing your digital pictures. Now that's a mouthful!

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Screenshots

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10 Reasons Why You Should Download ColorCoded PhotoStudio

  • Newbie Friendly: PhotoStudio is easy to use. If you know how to use the Windows Explorer, using PhotoStudio is a snap! With PhotoStudio, you can visualize, organize, modify, share and print your digital photos and image files.
  • All-in-one Timesaver Tool: Unlike most photo editors, you won't need 10 different tools to handle your photos. With PhotoStudio All-in-One tool, you can view, organize, enhance, share and archive all your photos with little effort!
  • No expensive add-on modules: Unlike many photo editors, you won't need to spend extra money on add-on modules to get the job done. ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro is all you need!
  • Create Professional Photo Albums and Share: Publish online the Internet (in HTML) and archiving your photos permanently with the click of a mouse button! Sharing your photos has never been easier!
  • Photo Correction and Enhancement: Our easy-to-use image editor will have you whipping out your new and improved photos in no time, with our specialized tools and enhancers. Reduce and remove Red Eye in seconds!
  • Advanced Print Dialogue: Get the best possible print for your photos using our advanced print dialog -- or, you can order your prints directly from a lab of your choice.
  • Fast and reliable database: Search, share, and view photo using keywords attached to photos! This makes locating a favorite photo easier than ever!
  • Support for many picture formats: PhotoStudio is built to support virtually every picture format in existence!
  • Versatile and disk space-saving system: PhotoStudio doesn't use a redundant database to store your photos and annotations, so you save valuable disk space!
  • View images: Switch from viewing to slideshow to editing with one click!

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: General features

  • Open several browser and image windows
  • Support for virtually every image format
  • Support for multi media files
  • Images and database stored separately: saves disk space
  • Fast and stable database, intuitive interface, professional features

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Organization

  • Explorer-like image browser with icon and thumb view
  • Annotation editor (add descriptions to photos)
  • Organize your pictures in albums and catalogs
  • Thumbnail database for faster viewing
  • Fast searching (keyword, title, annotation, filename, etc.)
  • Custom sorting of image files by Drag and Drop

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: View Modes

  • Full screen and screen show mode
  • Play multi media files in explorer and screen show mode
  • Play sounds attached to images
  • Transition effects in screen show mode
  • Zoom in and out of images in any mode
  • Interactive thumb resizing, change thumb captions
  • Navigation assistant for large (panorama) images
  • Automatic image anti-aliasing during zoom

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Photo Manipulation

  • Resize (with many resample filters)
  • Crop, rotate, flip
  • Red eye correction and reduction
  • Full set of edit functions, such as: brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.
  • Paint tools: paint brush, clone brush, fill brush, retouch brush
  • Exposure, color balance and noise corrections
  • Batch conversion of image folders
  • Custom image watermarks
  • Lossless jpeg rotation

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Share with Friends and Family

  • Web gallery: Export photo albums to HTML with annotations
  • Compress albums to self-extracting archive
  • Email photos and albums with integrated resizing and archive compression
  • FTP upload of exported albums including synchronization

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Print and Order Prints Online

  • Contact sheet printing
  • Photo quality printing
  • Easy ordering of quality prints using photo print services
  • Order wizard

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Extra

  • Automatic version update
  • TWAIN interface for scanners and cameras
  • Screen capture with object & area selection and scaling (resampling)
  • Set windows desktop image

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Download

ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1 is free to try and $39.00 to buy.

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