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If you're like most computer users today, you have hundreds, or thousands, or even tens of thousands of digital images stored on your computer.

All your photos are important to you, and so you can't or won't delete them. But there are just too many for you to page through as often as you like.

Finding Photos on a PC are like Needles in a Haystack

Some of your best photos are for all intents and purposes lost, like needles in a haystack, or at least overpowered by the vast number of images that make your photos too much trouble to review, crop, touch-up, or otherwise manage.

That's why Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 is such an important program to have in your bag of software tricks and tools.

Introducing Ashampoo Photo Commander 9

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 is powerful image-management software that makes it easy, fast, and simple to take control of your entire photo collection.

Among the powerful features it gives you are easy-to-use options to:

  • Create groups of images
  • Tag pictures with comments (making it searchable by text) so you can more easily find them again, and
  • Put together virtual picture albums.

For example, you can gather all your photos from your most recent holiday or family get-together, tag them with the relevant date and place, and move them to a folder where they will be easy to find next time you want to show them to a friend or family member.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 has all the tools you need to find each and every image in your collection, almost instantly.

That would be enough for most folks, but Photo Commander 9 does much, much more.

The all-in-one software for your photo collection

If Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 could only do image sorting and retrieval, that would be enough.

But this remarkable piece of image-management software does a whole lot more that makes your life much easier when you're managing, editing, and optimizing your digital photos.

Its "miniature view," for example, helps you gain a quick and comprehensive overview of your entire photo collection, or any portion of it.

Using this software, it's a matter of only a few mouse clicks to sort your images according to the date and time you snapped them (calendar overview), or to filter the photos according to your choice of whatever criteria you wish.

For example, you can view only ".jpg" images, or select only the photos you took within the last month, or focus on the images you've tagged with a specific identifier of your choice, such as "family," "Montana," or "Joey's birthday party."

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Group Audio, Video Collections, Batch Processing, and More

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 works great on photos and images, and it's just as powerful with your audio and video collections, too.

You can group your music or videos into "virtual albums," for example, change their formats, and do more to make each and every file as conveniently accessible as you wish them to be. 

This powerful, new program can also do "batch processing," so you can make the same changes to a large number of files, all at once.

Photo Editing And Quick-Fixes to Images With a Few Simple Clicks

Two useful and powerful modes within Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 allow for editing and for quick-fixes.

These are designed so you can can easily and intuitively unleash your creativity, or experiment with various effects and manipulative functions.

With Ashampoo Photo Commander 9, it's easy to rotate your photos, adjust horizontal nonalignment, crop and resize images, remove red eye problems, and do lots more.

Previously elaborate effects are also at your fingertips, including inversion, pixelization and contour outlining.

This great new image-editing utility also provides several exciting capabilities for presenting your photos to others.

For example, you can:

  • Create a slideshow or an HTML album (make it viewable using a web browser / online the Internet), and display it -- simple and fast.
  • Produce collages, greeting cards, and calendars -- all it takes is a few clicks.
  • Generate screenshots, scan images, send images by e-mail, print them, and burn them to a disc.

Improved Features in Newly Released Version 9

This latest update, Version 9 of Ashampoo Photo Commander, comes with a great many new features and improvements that give you enhanced power to control and enjoy all your images, quickly and easily.

New enhancements include:

  • The new "grouping" functions provide amazing power to view and manage your photos.
  • The "dual-view" mode makes it easy to directly compare two images, such as the original and your "in-process" edited version, or two original shots taken only seconds apart. 
  • The "IPTC wizard" simplifies your indexing of pictures by adding descriptions (tagging), which you can also use to filter and group your images.

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Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 also incorporates a host of new editing tools, functions and visual effects for photos and videos, as well as major upgrades to make your editing, optimizing, and organizing of digital images (and handling of audio- and video files) easier than ever.

These include:

  • An extended interface
  • An improved overview of miniature images, with powerful grouping functions
  • Automatic sorting (as you import images) into subfolders based on each file's "date taken" (EXIF data) information
  • More powerful tagging capabilities, and improved IPTC support
  • Easier and faster creation, import, and export of "virtual albums"
  • Automatic import of M3U and MFAList files as albums
  • Improved "quick-fix" mode with automatic "red eye" detection, an improved eraser tool, and lots more
  • A special "dual-view" mode that lets you compare photos, even as you edit
  • A new "miniature" effect that transforms photographed objects to look like miniatures
  • New "sharpen" and "blur" tools you can use in many different ways
  • Improved editing mode with objects
  • Upgraded playback of videos, including videos in HD MPEG4 file format
  • Video file images can easily be rotated during playback
  • Improved wizards for creating calendars, collages and other batch processing
  • Touch screen support, with Windows 7
  • Easy import and export of program settings in a single file

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