Microsoft Gives SkyDrive Windows 8 Makeover

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Microsoft continues to give its products Windows 8-style makeovers as it prepares to release the new operating system in late October, 2012. The latest subject: Microsoft SkyDrive, the software giant's cloud computing service.

For those not familiar with SkyDrive, it's a cloud storage service that allows users to save important files online and then access them from any Internet-connected device. As with all cloud storage options, SkyDrive offers a great way to back up vital files.

However, doing so does involve some risks, too.

SkyDrive: Syncs with Office, 7GB Storage Free

One of SkyDrive's major attractions is that it syncs with the Microsoft Office business suite, automatically saving to the Internet any and all spreadsheets or documents created in Excel and Word.

Right now, SkyDrive users can obtain 7GB of online storage for free, and for a fee can add more space to their account.

In order to draw more attention to SkyDrive, Microsoft has completely overhauled its look. The service now has a new design, a better search feature, fresh desktop applications, and compatibility with Android mobile devices. (Source:

The changes are immediately apparent upon visiting the SkyDrive site. For users of Windows Phone devices, and those who gave beta versions of Windows 8 a spin, the new SkyDrive will look very familiar.

SkyDrive Gets Windows 8-Style Tiles

SkyDrive's interface now includes a clean, tile-based design (though users can revert to the old "details" view if they prefer).

There are also new search and select functions that allows users to find and move their stored files easier than before.

SkyDrive is currently compatible with Windows and OS X systems, and Microsoft says Android users will get their first official SkyDrive app in the coming weeks.

Microsoft is hoping the Windows 8 makeover draws more users to SkyDrive, and it may just work: after all, when the company gave Hotmail a similar facelift (renaming the email service, an estimated 10 million new users signed on within a few weeks. (Source:

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