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Confusion Now Eliminated; Burning Discs Made Easy

Let's face it: Most users are confused by the complexities of recording a CD, DVD or Blu-ray on today's PCs.

There are hundreds of complicated functions available, and dozens of choices to make, most of which are too technical for the average person to puzzle out. Windows itself provides only minimal disc-burning support. As things stand, you often want to scream: "Just burn the disc like I want!"

But all that's now over.

Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 transforms your computer's disc burning (recording) functions to a simple, fast process you can understand and accomplish without breaking a sweat.

Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 Cuts Through the Difficulties

In previous versions, this software has established a track record for providing full disc-burning functionality with vastly improved ease-of-use. The newest version, Ashampoo Burning Studio 12, now takes disc-burning to a whole new level.

Instead of spending hour after hour trying to identify and learn to use all the complicated disc-burning functions your computer offers, you simply tell Burning Studio 12 what you want. Immediately, the software takes over and manages all the necessary steps to do the job for you. Basically, you select the disc format you want, identify the files you want burned to the disk, and press "go." It's just that simple.

Burning Studio 12 does the rest!

Short List of Tasks You'll Find Easy

With Ashampoo Burning Studio 12, you'll find it amazingly easy to:

  • Make an audio or MP3 CD with the music you want in the sequence you want.
  • Rip music from your audio CDs.
  • Make your own music compilations, even if they require more than one disc!
  • Record computer files (data) onto CD / DVD / Blu-ray discs, even if they require more than one disk -- great for making data back-ups.
  • Make customized DVD movies, even with themes! They'll play easily in any DVD player.
  • Assemble and record DVD slideshows from still images, even with graphical themes and eye-popping transition effects.
  • Make Disc Covers and print them.
  • Design disc labels and print them, even directly to printable discs.

... And a great deal more!

Here's a heartfelt testimonial: " I have then been using Nero and Roxio for many years. Then I decided to try Burning Studio. Let me tell you: Your review is ALL TRUE! Ashampoo CD Burning Studio is *the easiest* program in the world to use and it WORKS GREAT!!! " ~ Infopackets Reader John B.

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Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 Is Powerful

Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 is an extremely powerful software that lets you create images of discs, and then burn them onto a blank disc. This new software version also starts up faster, with a quicker responding and more streamlined user interface.

It also includes full support for BDXL discs (100 and 128 GB), so you can fit maximum data on a single disc. But you can do even more, because Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 has a new disc-spanning capability built-in that supports virtually unlimited storage capacity across any number of discs.
There are also "professional disc authoring" capabilities, so you can create graphical "themes" and menu templates, and easily place the stamp of your individuality to your disc-burning projects.  

The software now lets you:

  • Normalize audio tracks
  • Edit slideshows
  • Organize graphical themes into categories
  • Add empty slides containing colors or gradients
  • Apply 'Ken-Burns'-like effects
  • Insert credits
  • Rip to FLAC and OGG standards
  • Burn from CUE sheets (MP3, FLAC, WAV)
  • Apply equalizer effects to individual tracks (e.g. Loudness)

These new features improve almost every aspect of the program, which was already pretty awesome.

There's a point-and-click DVD menu editor, too, so you can add animated themes and create great-looking interfaces for all your DVD movies, including ones you've already finished.

Burning Studio 12 makes all your disc-burning wishes come true.

Powerful Movie Editor

When it's time to work with movies, the built-in Movie Editor allows you to cut, transition, or fade, add subtitles and titles, and do much more than you ever thought possible. All of it practically effortless.

Now you can easily turn your movie clip collection and home videos into impressive finished movies -- all instantly playable on any DVD player.

Movie Editor: Highlights

  • Drag-and-drop editing for videos, subtitles, and more.
  • Graphical timeline for editing clips, transitions, titles, subtitles and images.
  • Animated DVD menus with ready-to-use DVD themes (and menus).
  • Add titles, subtitles, shaped text, images, backgrounds, logos, and borders.
  • Fade in / out and graphical transitions.
  • Live previews in the editor, showing full transition effects.
  • Rotate images directly in the Movie Editor.
  • Set start and end time for each extract you want from your clips.

... Plus much more!

Another testimonial: " I have been happy to discover that Ashampoo Burning Studio's CD Recording Suite is fail proof!  " ~ Infopackets Reader M. Haislip

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Slideshow Editor

Burning Studio 12's new Slideshow Editor quickly and easily converts your photos into slideshows with animated graphical menus, and you can easily burn them to DVD. Include video clips and music, too!

You can produce slideshows instantly by choosing ready-to-use themes from Ashampoo, or you can let your creativity run wild.

Slideshow Editor: Highlights

  • Choose from countless ready-to-use graphical themes.
  • Timeline editing offers drag & drop plus preview.
  • Cross-fade and graphical transitions.
  • Rotate images directly in the Slideshow Editor.
  • Add background music, even multiple tracks.
  • Add titles, subtitles, and shaped text.
  • Add images, logos and graphical shapes with fill, borders etc.
  • Fade-in and fade-out for all objects (images, text, etc.)
  • Thumbnail preview for fades and transitions.

... Plus much more!

Yet Another Testimonial: " ... simple, straightforward ... it works! Thanks for another great recommendation! [Ashampoo Burning Studio] is going in my software Hall of Fame! " ~ Infopackets Reader Sandy C.

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Cover Editor

The Cover Editor in Burning Studio 12 lets you easily label your discs and create exciting covers for jewel cases, slim cases, DVD cases and Blu-Ray cases.

You can design your own or select a pre-designed one. Either way, Burning Studio gathers detailed track data automatically. Print your cover on a wide range of labels or directly onto discs (requires a printer with this capability).

Cover Editor: Highlights

  • Attractive new themes with new graphics and layouts.
  • Print up to 4 CD labels/covers on a single page.
  • Load covers and graphics from files, the Web or the Windows Clipboard.
  • Draw and insert geometrical shapes with borders, fill and transparency.
  • Group elements in the editor to move them together.
  • Rotate objects and groups of objects by any degrees, or snap rotate in 15, 45 or 90 degree increments.
  • Label and printer database contains countless new formats and printers.

... Plus much more!

Special Offer for Infopackets Readers

Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 is easy enough for beginner and intermediate users, but powerful enough for the most advanced user, with capabilities for sophisticated CD / DVD / Blu-Ray disc mastering.

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Naturally, you get a full and complete 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Ashampoo stands firmly behind its products and guarantees 100% satisfaction -- or your money back!

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