Windows 8: How to Remove the Log-In Prompt

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We recently received this question from a regular Infopackets reader:

"Hi there,

Thanks for all the great information you've been supplying me. Now I have a question:

I'm a Windows 8 user who has never really appreciated the log-in prompt. Is there a way to disable it on my computer?


John C."

My answer:

Yes, John, there is. Windows 8 users who don't like the log-in screen can bypass this part of the normal process when starting up their PCs.

Ending Log-In Prompts in a Few Easy Steps

To get rid of the usual Windows 8 log-in, first boot up your computer and enter your log-in information and password. Don't worry, this is the last time you'll be asked to go through this.

Once you are logged in, press Win-X (hold down the Windows key and simultaneously tap the X key). This will initiate a pop-up menu on which you can click Command Prompt (Admin).

After the command prompt opens, simply enter the term 'control userpasswords2' (no quotations) and press Enter. (Note: this step might sound a bit familiar to some Infopackets readers because this same command also works in earlier versions of Windows.) (Source:

Lastly, uncheck the box in the User Accounts section marked 'Users Must Enter a User Name and Password to Use This Computer'.

Now clicking 'OK' and confirming the automatic sign-in option by entering the password twice will hide the log-in prompt until you go through the reverse of this process to activate it again.

It's important that you reboot your computer right after performing the steps listed above. Is the log-in prompt gone? Then you've followed the commands perfectly.

Lock Screen Still Advisable for Certain Environments

Security experts warn that disabling the log-in prompt makes a computer more vulnerable to manual hacks. For example, if a computer is stolen, the thief won't be required to enter a password in order to access a user's files and programs.

That's why anyone who lives or works in a busy place -- such as a dorm room or crowded office -- should think twice before disabling their computer's log-in prompt.

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