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Synopsis: It is estimated that digital cameras account for half the cameras in the world and now represent well over 50% of all photographic devices (Source: If you're a digital camera owner, then you most likely store your photos on your computer. However, what most folks don't take into consideration is that fact that by storing your photos on the computer, your precious memories are also at the mercy of a hacker, a new strain of virus, or even a disasterous computer crash! So what would you do if you lost all your photos?

Introducing: Acoustica Photos Forever

If you have hundreds -- or even thousands -- of photos stored on your computer, backing up your pictures can certainly prove to be a daunting task! Just think: where are all your photos stored? (Hint: I'll be they're not all in 1 folder!) And just how many photos would it take to fill a CD or DVD until it's full? (Hint: each photo size varies!). And finally: How many CDs will you need to backup all your photos?

Thankfully, Acoustica Photos Forever takes the guesswork out of these daunting questions and allows you to backup your photos using only 3 simple steps (and without worrysome calculations!).

Acoustica Photos Forever: Screenshots

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Acoustica Photos Forever: How it works

Backing up your photos couldn't be easier with Acoustica Photos Forever:

Step 1: Find your photos. Simply check or uncheck the ones you want as it instantly finds all your photos. If you despise searching through folders trying to locate certain files, Acoustica Photos Forever is your hot ticket to convenience! Click 'Next' once it finds them all.

Step 2: Insert blank CDs or DVDs. Click 'Next' to start burning. Once it burns a CD, a sound will play alerting you that another CD or DVD needs to be entered.

Step 3: After its done backing up to CD or DVD, it will ask you if you want to print out a "key" list so that you can match up the photos to the CD they were burned on. Click 'Next' to start printing.

It's as simple as 1-2-3! Literally!

Acoustica Photos Forever: Features Drilldown

  • Easy to use multi-CD/DVD Photo CD/DVD backup system
  • Finds all your photos (wherever they may be!)
  • Prints out a very handy photo key list so you can match up the photos to the CDs
  • Backs up your JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG and raw formatted photos
  • Literally back up all your photos in 5 clicks, including the one to launch the software!
  • CDs created will play back in DVD players that have support for "JPEG Photo CDs"

No typing necessary Acoustica Photos Forever: Download

Acoustica Photos Forever is free to try and $14.95 to buy.

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