Computer locks up when trying to play a sound through web browser?

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Gazette Reader Hanson Q. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

There are several sites on my computer where I attempt to watch or listen to programs and get an ongoing 'connecting...' message, but with no result. My computer then locks up. This happens with Yahoo Music and Music Now Radio (which I receive as part of a premium package from my cable company). However, other sites such as Fox, CNN, etc. connect just fine. I'm stumped. I'm guessing that it may be a registry issue since I've had some past Spyware wars and have a few DLL files missing. I just found this site today and I would love to hear what you have to say. Please help! "

My response:

It sounds to me like your problem may be an isolated issue. The browser plugin which controls music / sound for one site [if one exists] may be entirely different from the plugin which controls the web site that is generating the error. For example: you may be able to hear music / sound on a "web site A" that utilizes .WAV or .MP3 sound files; on the other hand, you may be having trouble listening to "web site B" that utilizes .RM or .WMA sound files.

In the latter case, you need to identify which browser plugin is being launched at the time you click the link to listen to the problematic sound file and try uninstalling / reinstalling it in hopes of resolving the issue.

One way to tell which plugin is associated with a certain type of sound file is to view the HTML source of the web page (hint: click View -> Source in Internet Explorer). If this doesn't reveal anything or if you don't understand HTML code, you can also refer to the browser Status bar, which may reveal which plugin is attempting to launch. Hint: If you use Internet Explorer, you can turn on the Status bar by clicking View ->h; Status Bar (once IE is loaded), and ensure there is a checkmark beside it.

If reinstalling the plugin doesn't help (or if there is no plugin associated with the sound bite) you might want to give Registry Mechanic a try, as it very well may be a System Registry problem [you indicated missing DLL errors due to previous Spyware infections in your message]. As a last resort, you can also try and repair Internet Explorer -- but even that may not resolve the issue.

Good luck!

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