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Infopackets Reader Jon M. writes:

"Hi Dennis!

I recently uninstalled a program called 'RoboPDF' (not related to RoboForm). Now, I receive an error message that "C:\ Program files \ Microsoft Office \ Office \ Startup \ roboPDF.xlt could not be found' every time I launch Excel. I was wondering how to get rid of this from appearing? "

My response:

I researched some topics in the MS Excel Help File, and found info relating to how Excel starts. Basically, the XLStart folder typically contains a bunch of mini-programs (called macro files) which execute every time Excel starts.

A macro is like a Browser plug-in and adds extra feature to Excel. In this case, the macro for RoboPDF was listed in your XLStart folder, but is no longer present. To get around this problem, you can reinstall MS Office, or do a quick fix using the System Registry. Since the error message has to do with roboPDF.xlt, simply search for and delete all occurrences of that filename.

Warning! Registry 'hacking' isn't for the light hearted. A simple slip-up can have devastating effects -- so, please don't forget to backup your registry before making any changes.

  1. Click Start -> Run, type in "RegEdit" (no quotes)  
  2. Click File -> Export to make a backup of your registry  
  3. Now, hit F3 to search and type in "roboPDF.xlt" (no quotes)  
  4. When RegEdit finds a registry key value with roboPDF.xlt, it should highlight it on the right of the screen. To delete the key, press the DEL key on your keyboard.  
  5. Now, repeat your search and delete until no more keys are found.

This should remove the error message. If Excel stops working or any part of MS Office seems buggy after you made the changes, you can revert your registry backup (File -> Import), and if that doesn't work, you can uninstall MS Office and reinstall it.

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