Copy Multiple Folders but not Contents Onto a New Disk?, Part 2

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Recall --

Last week, Infopackets Reader Cara J. asked if it was possible to copy folders from one disk to another, without copying the contents of each folder:

" Dear Dennis,

I enjoy your newsletter greatly. I've been saving documentation on a 100 megabyte ZIP disk, which there are multiple folders I've created. I'm running out of space on this particular ZIP disk and will have to start using a new one soon. Question: is there a way to copy just the folders (and not the contents) from the first disk to a new one? I'm particular about the way I file my information and would like to use the same method on the new disk. Any help would be appreciated! "

In my response, I provided command line (MS DOS) solution which utilizes the MS DOS utility called XCopy. Over the weekend, Infopackets Reader Werner B. emailed me with a more intuitive approach, using a freeware utility called TreeCopy. Werner writes:

" When I read your solution to Cara J.'s problem, I immediately thought of a small program I regularly use for exactly that purpose, but does not require the command prompt. It's a freeware utility called TreeCopy, available from "

From the web site:

" Have you ever needed to copy a directory structure without copying the files? TreeCopy now makes this possible. Our small program will allow you to select the 'from directory' and 'into directory', and it will proceed to copy ONLY the directory structure. The utility is bundled with functionality such as a command line interface, calculate directories, Windows XP look and feel and much, much more! "

Thanks for the great find!

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