Record Aim Chat?

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Infopackets Reader 'Suzanne' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Your newsletter is still the best one out there! I'm on your website so much that my boss mentioned it to me the other day. ;-) She told me that I'm not not allowed to visit your site anymore during business hours unless I'm on lunch.

With that aside, I have a question. Do you know of any way to save AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) chat history without copying text into another program like word? I personally don't like AIM all that much, but a lot of my friends use it. Every other chat program that I currently use (ICQ, MSN, etc.) have a 'save chat history' feature, but AIM apparently does not.

Thank you and please do keep the newsletters coming! "

My response:

Thanks for the kudos ;-)

I personally don't use AOL Instant Messenger. Nonetheless, I tried searching Google for a freeware program to record AIM chat history, but was was unable to come across anything conclusive (in terms of freeware and without Spyware).

Help from Infopackets Readers

If you know of a freeware AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) plugin that can record and export chat history, send me your suggestion and I'll include an update in a future newsletter.

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