Windows 10: Most Requested Features

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When Microsoft launched the Windows 10 Technical Preview a couple weeks ago, the company offered users the chance to provide feedback through a "Windows Feature Suggestion Box." As expected, feedback is pouring in as to which features should be present in the operating system's final version.

Windows Explorer Tabs Top List

So far the most requested feature is adding tabs to Windows Explorer. Microsoft says more than 1,600 people have requested a feature that would effectively treat Windows Explorer the same as an Internet browser. As such, users would be able to create new tabs to navigate through different files and folders - all without having to open a new window each and every time. Right now, the tabbed Windows Explorer feature is only available to Windows 8 users through downloadable plugins, such as Ejie Technology's Clover2 app. (Source:

The second-most feature requested is the ability to make it simpler and easier to download drivers via Windows Update. Specifically, about 1,400 users want Windows Update to be the central hub for downloading hardware drivers. Essentially, users would no longer be required to download special utilities or make their way to a manufacturer's own website in order to get the proper driver for their hardware.

Third, a surprisingly high number of users (approximately 1,332) said they want Microsoft to introduce a new version of Notepad boasting features closer to OneNote, which is currently a part of the subscription-based Office 365 package. That could mean the introduction of tabs similar to the Windows Explorer request, and/or include a keyword-based search feature.

Fourth on the feature request list is to get rid of Aero-themed objects. Aero emerged with Windows Vista, arguably one of the least popular versions of Windows. More than one thousand Windows 10 Technical Preview users want Aero-theme objects gone, forever.

Users Want to Pin Documents, Websites to the Start Menu

Another 1,110 users said they want to be able to pin anything to the Windows Start menu, making it easier for them to launch documents and websites. Right now, users can only launch apps and programs from the Start menu.

A more hopeful (though still very popular) suggestion is to make Windows 10 free of charge. At the very least, about 700 users want Microsoft to lower the price of its operating system. For many experts, this makes sense because Apple and Google have made similar moves with OS X and Chrome in recent months. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

What do you think about the above suggestions? Do you like the idea of tabs in Windows Explorer or pinning anything to the Start menu? Do you have any ideas for improving the next version of Windows?

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One feature I really would like to see is the ability to add a comment to any file or folder in Windows Explorer. Something like a "sticky note" to remind me what the file/folder is about.

This is a basic requirement which I can't understand why it hasn't been added thus far.

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Enable three permission triads (read / write / execute)
first triad - what the owner can do
second triad - what the group members can do
third triad - what other users can do

and / or some version of CRUD (Create Read Update Delete)

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I am runninig windows 64 8.1.1 and I have many files & shortcuts pinned to my Start page.
I even have internet shortcuts on my start page, I am not using any 3rd party program to do this just using windows own tools

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I just don't get it. Maybe I am missing something, but I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and I too have web pages and documents pinned to the start menu. In fact, if I drag the web page desktop shortcut or document shortcut to the start menu, Windows asks me if I would like to "Pin To Start Menu". I can also drag a web page URL directly from my browser to the start menu.
And for those who don't want Aero, do they really want to lose the "peak" option? I use it all the time and would GREATLY miss it.