New Windows 10 Hardware Expected Next Month

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Microsoft plans to show off a range of new Windows 10 devices on October 6. A $20,000 wall-mounted giant tablet may be the most eye-catching of the rumored products.

The official release about the event in New York City contains no details other than the fact that "[Microsoft has] some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices." However, the most plausible theory is that the company plans to unveil or update information on a wide variety of non-traditional computing devices, with the idea being to promote Windows 10 as a versatile system.

Surface To Come In Diverse Sizes

The Surface Hub is likely the most spectacular of the products announced, and is likely to get its first public display at the event. It's effectively a tablet computer that goes on a wall and acts as an interactive display. It will cost $19,999 for an 84" version and $6,999 for a 55" version. (Source:

There's also an accompanying electronic pen, with the idea being that it's a cross between an old-fashioned whiteboard and a teleconferencing tool, allowing collaboration between both people in the room and those in other locations.

Other rumors suggest the Surface Pro 4 will be available in models up to 14 inches (bigger than Apple's recently-unveiled iPad Pro) and will also have a more powerful processor. At the other end of the scale, there's also some talk of a Surface mini, though it's tough to see how Microsoft could compete with the already wide variety of cheap small-screen tablets on the market. (Source:

Windows Phones Get A Boost

It also appears likely that the event will launch two high-end smartphones from Lumia.

Given that the Windows Phone platform has struggled to receive much public interest, Microsoft hopes that at least one of the Lumia smartphones will become a flagship handset for Windows 10. It will be interesting to see how powerful and practical the phones truly are, especially when used in "PC Mode" and connected to a large screen and wireless accessories, such as keyboard and mouse.

There could even be a new Xbox games console on display - specifically a slim line version of the Xbox One. Microsoft is reportedly working on a customized version of Windows 10 for the Xbox which improves its abilities to carry out non-gaming functions, including the ability to work as a digital video recorder (DVR) for over-the-air broadcasts.

What's Your Opinion?

Is Microsoft wise to put so much emphasis on hardware devices after deciding to make Windows 10 free for many users? Is a single operating system running on many different types of device the future of computing and gadgets? Or will Microsoft have to make too many compromises to make Windows 10 work everywhere?

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I'm looking forward to seeing a Windows 10 smartphone that has an 8 core processor, 8GB+ of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and is capable of handling real-world Windows applications like a full blown computer. Anything less than that is simply not interesting, in my opinion. Once they release specs like this I'm sure people will be flocking to buy it (assuming it's not massively overpriced).

PayPaul's picture

Like you Dennis, I would like to see a tablet with serious internal storage(500gb or more), 8GB of RAM and a more powerful processor. Add in a sub $800 price and Microsoft would have a market winner!

Syscob Support's picture

No sane individual would touch a Windows 10 “SmartPhone” (if that's not an oxymoron then pigs fly). With the Windows 10 EULA giving Microsoft the right to do anything to the device without the owner's knowledge or permission and its granting Microsoft the right to monitor any and all usage how could anyone be sufficiently unaware as to use such a device? And price? Expecting a reasonable price from Microsoft is, of itself, sufficient to justify interment in an asylum…