Diskeeper Lite Review

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Diskeeper Lite is a free disk defrag program. In a nutshell: defragging optimizes your hard drive and makes Windows run faster.

Diskeeper versus Windows Defrag

I used to have problems getting Windows defrag to work properly and when it did, it took hours to defrag my drives. I've been using Diskeeper Lite on my older PCs for at least two years now. Diskeeper Lite is much faster than Windows defrag and even runs while you are surfing or checking email.

Diskeeper Lite: not compatible with XP?

Diskeeper.com states that Diskeeper Lite will run on every Windows version except Win95; however, I have personally had issues using Diskeeper Lite with Windows XP. In fact, several times it has disabled both the Windows defrag and Diskeeper Lite. For this reason, I strongly caution against using Diskeeper Lite with XP. In fact, you might want to look at other defragging utilities like Ashampoo Magic Defrag for an alternative.

Microsoft Defrag: is actually Diskeeper Lite!

I once heard that the defrag in Windows XP is actually a version of Diskeeper, and that Diskeeper was owned by Microsoft. I contacted Diskeeper to get the scoop on these rumors.

Here's what Colleen at Diskeeper said:

" The built in defragmenter in Windows 2000 and XP is based on a much older Diskeeper engine that was available at the time. The engine is much slower and it is also a manual and much less feature rich product. Diskeeper Corporation is a privately held company and Microsoft is not part owner. "

Colleen also told me that the newer versions of Diskeeper are much better than the freeware version (which is also way better than the defrag that comes with Windows).

The newest [full] version of Diskeeper is available as a 30 day trial at diskeeper.com. But if you still want to try the Lite version (freeware), you should grab it now, because Colleen warned me that it may not be available for long!

Download Diskeeper Lite

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