How to Fix: Laptop Plugged in, Not Charging (New Laptop)

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Infopackets Reader Susan M. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I recently bought a new laptop that came with Windows 10 pre-installed. Last week, I received a Windows 10 update and now my battery keeps draining - even with the power plugged in! This doesn't make any sense to me; also my laptop is brand new! The balloon over the battery icon is reading '93% available (plugged in, not charging)'.

I looked on the Internet to see if I could figure out what was causing this, and there are a lot of people having the same issue. Do you know why my laptop won't charge and how I can fix the 'plugged in, not charging' message? "

My response:

I have not had this problem before, but suggested that the battery may be faulty and/or the power adapter. However, if there are a lot of people complaining of the same problem, then most likely this is a software issue with the operating system itself.

Susan wrote back the next day:

" Hello Dennis,

I found the fix for the 'plugged in, not charging' problem - and it was so easy! Here is what I did:

  1. Unplug the laptop if it is plugged into the power outlet.
  2. Go to Device Manager. To do so: Click Start, then type in 'device manager' and click it. Once Device Manager is loaded, left click 'Batteries' to expand the list. Right click over top of 'Microsoft ACPI - Compliant Control Method Battery' and select uninstall. Then, right click over top of 'Microsoft AC Adapter' and select uninstall.
  3. Shut down the laptop (click Start -> Shutdown); once it is powered off, plug the laptop power supply back into the system.
  4. Turn on the laptop and boot into Windows. The battery should now be charging.

That's it! "

Thanks Susan for this - I hope this helps anyone else facing the same issue. Based on the bit of research I did into this issue, it seems to be a widespread problem that affects all versions of Windows and not just Windows 10.

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Another cause behind this behavior can be a manufactured installed Battery eco program. My Toshiba Satellite came with one of these programs. The theory behind the program is to keep the battery at a lower level of charge, mine is set for 80%, you will get longer battery life. However, they do caution you will also have less battery time between charges.I generally use my laptop plugged in and this eco program is designed specifically for users like myself so I let it run and have no real issues. If I want I can turn off this program and the WIN 10 OS will charge my battery to 100% every time and keep it at 100%. At the moment I am having no issues with the eco program and my battery holding a constant charge at 80% and not charging, but keeping a small trickle to maintain the 80% level.

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Lets see.
Have customer with same problem..
Sent Laptop to ASUS..
Came back with no problems...
She still cant charge it..

WHY in all the world is this a CONTROLLED hardware device?
Every company Adds their OWN software..
And NOW MS wants to take it over?

This laptop has a builtin Battery, NON-removable..
And if it discharges?? Who do I call?

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I have a HP Laptop a new factory battery I bought about 3 years ago worked great. A few months ago or so I charged it up left it for about 2 weeks and when plugged in it said charging.
But never showed a percentage and battery showed no lit up bars for how much of a charge left
I figured battery was dead left plugged in no charge happened no percentage came up nothing only worked plugged in.
I just early met today tried the advice mentioned in this article above and it worked. It charging started at 1 percent and now is over 50 percent hope it keeps working.
If u think you have a bad or dead battery try this it may work it worked for me so far.
Thank you very much.
I was going to buy a aftermarket battery to save money so wasn't going to pay the 115.00 for factory or whatever it is.

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I think it is a Dell Software problem. Had the same experience. My solution was to disable the advanced charging in the Dell Power Management Lite.