Myths About VPNs

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Myths About VPNs

Are you being tracked online? Can you use the Internet without restrictions?

Do you need a VPN?

There are a lot of myths about whether VPNs are truly needed; below we'll look at some common myths versus facts.

Myth 1: The average person does not need a VPN

Incorrect. Internet censorship is increasing, while the list of blocked websites is growing. If you start using a free vpn service now, you can:

  • avoid monitoring of your activity in the Internet;
  • access blocked websites (such as torrent trackers);
  • access foreign websites and services that are inaccessible in your country;
  • go to websites and services not available in other countries while abroad;
  • buy goods at low prices in foreign online stores, inaccessible to residents of your country.

Myth 2: VPN's are for criminals - I have nothing to hide!

Incorrect. The fact is, most of your communication online can be read by third parties, including: governments, ad agencies, and even your Internet Service Provider (ISP). A VPN works by setting up a private communication tunnel between you and a server located somewhere in the world. Anything you do online is sent and received through the private server's tunnel using encryption.

That way, third parties (such as ad agencies, governments, and ISPs) only see the intermediary server's IP address, but can't see what you're doing online because the communication between you and the private server is encrypted. You can think of this as "tunneling" through the Internet - no one can see inside the tunnel. This keeps your activity safe while online, helping to anonymize your data.

Myth 3: You can go to jail if you use a VPN

Incorrect. Many systems, including government, banking, and large company networks, operate through virtual private networks. As such, anyone online can use a virtual private network.

Myth 4: Free VPN services aren't reliable

Incorrect. Most companies that sell VPN services also offer free VPN services as a trial, or as a service with limited options. This allows the customer to try the service at no risk, while also allowing the company to advertise their free service to the general public.

Myth 5: VPNs are expensive

Incorrect. Depending on which service you use, a VPN can achieve an acceptable level of security with minimal cost. The site can help you to choose which VPN service is right for you.

Myth 6: VPNs are difficult to use

Incorrect. Most modern VPN services are easy to use. Most VPN services require that you download and install their program, enter in your user ID and password, then choose which VPN server they want to connect to. It's that simple.

Since most VPN services work on PCs, tablets, and smartphones - you just need to get acquainted with using it for the first time and then deploy it on whichever device you need.

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