MS: Win10 Bugs Fixed; October Update Rolls Out Again

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Microsoft has begun rolling out the October 2018 update for Windows 10 for a second time. It doesn't take a much of a look at the calendar to reveal that things went very badly.

The release is one of the twice-yearly updates that replace the old model of having small updates every month and then a completely new edition of Windows every few years.

The October update had a variety of problems including:

Manual Update Not Advised For Most

Due to the potential file deletion bug, Microsoft took the unusual step of halting the update altogether. Its spent most of the last month ramping up both in-house testing (which it calls "extensive internal validation") and 'real world' testing among members of its Windows Insider program. (Source:

Now it has begun rolling out the revised update to the general public through the automated updated process. Microsoft says that although it's possible to manually download and install the update right now, only "advanced users" should do so.

It's also making a few tweaks to the release process, which will now go more slowly. In a move that raises questions about why it wasn't already standard practice, Microsoft says it will "more carefully study device health data" and only roll out an update "when data shows your device is ready and you will have a great experience." (Source:

Dashboard To Detail Delays

It also says it won't install an update if it can see there will be "an issue such as an application incompatibility", and will instead delay the update until the issue is resolved. This will happen even if the user has actively triggered the update by selecting "Check for updates".

Another change will be in communication about any problems or delays with updates through a new "Windows update status dashboard." This will include details of any occasions when Microsoft blocks an ongoing update to resolve a freshly-discovered problem.

What's Your Opinion?

Is a six-week delay to the update acceptable if it means resolving the problems? Would you be happy to have future updates delayed if they'd likely cause a problem on your machine? Does Microsoft do enough to let users know about problems and delays with Windows updates?

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SO, I know that Microsoft had server problems that control activation... but I have had Windows 10 pro installed ever since I upgraded from Windows 8.1. Got it during the "free" period. So, have you heard if this issue has been fixed? I have read that some who have tried to reactivate they were "downgraded" to Windows 10 Home. Any thoughts?

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Yes I am happy for MS to delay updates being applied to user systems when they know the update causes problems to some users, and angst throughout the user community.
But I would be much happier is I had the ability to delay updates by selecting them in the list of downloaded ones -
As in see all the updates downloaded in the list of waiting for application.
OK many users used that facility in the older versions to NOT apply fixes - Maybe MS should have considered WHY users were doing that rather than decide not to allow them control of the system they have on their PC.

Not the have to select undo list of applied fixes, especially when that undoable list does NOT include all the fixes, and was not accessible when a bad fix for their system stops their system restarting - so making the undo list inaccessible.

I would also appreciate MS considering the many requests posted for them to correct - or at least allow users to change undesirable behaviour -
As in the many requests for spacing of entries in Outlook lists - messages folders and even message text to be set at single spacing. The latest update has added blank lines between each entry in the emails list, and the folders list, and message text so that:
I see 50% fewer entries the folder list unless I increase the space allowed for it.
I see 50% fewer entries the inbox unless I increase the space allowed for it.
And I see 50 % fewer lines of a message unless I increase the space allowed for it.
The response - as there is no longer a rows formatting control option available, is to reduce the font size.
So I have options - get a 4K display and video board then ignore all the unused and distracting white space between lines, or halve the font size and use a magnifier to read the text shown as 3 or 4 point font.
That change being made to my systems setup in an immutable way without warning/ability to NOT have the change, when there have been requests on the forums and feedback for the additional spacing introduced in 2013/2016 to be removed, returning to the 2010 mode.
Especially annoying when Outlook is the one Office App where you cannot run 2010 and 2016.

Oh! and add to that pain - the declaration that Microsoft will be changing the terms of their services and sales - UK users will be subject to Irish (and EEA/EU) legal terms when they bought their services under English or Scottish law and will, from March 2019 NOT be within the EEA/EU and certainly NOT in ireland

So - what alternative is there to MS facilities that I can convert to by the end of December 2018 - Apple Mac? Android Linux - but NOT using Microsoft facilities such as Office or windows - standalone, server, or corporate versions

Yes a multiple complaint - but - not even all that would be justified by MS's actions as have become evident to me this week.

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Re the Outlook problem in the above:-

This morning at startup Outlook failed to start - a very short lived message on the screen that indicated fixes were the problem.
I did not get to read enough of the message to know if it was about prior ones being bad, or it failed applying new ones or
as seems apparent now - it was applying a new fix to get rid of the doubled spacing in lists of messages on the folders and of text in messages.

Trying to restart Outlook got a message about failed to start and do I want safe mode ?
Well as by that time the malware facility had got it's profiles update so I selected NO - and the app continued the startup - and the spacing was back to last weeks NOT re-doubled spacing.

So - it seems that bad ideas (or just faulty fixes) are still being applied to users systems - and fixes to deal with the problems are also being quietly sent out by Microsoft.

Maybe there is a smidgen of hope for some action to fulfil the many requests made over the past few years for the spacing to be reset to the 2010 mode, or for users to get an option to set the spacing in rows of the various panes/panels!
And the app could, perhaps make some use of the 3 line space at the top of the folder content list - search in the top row at the righthand side, above the sort order indicator that is in the bottom row ( below the unused middle row space)

Note to MS -
It's not difficult - just needs someone with reasonable usage time to look at it, (or maybe view the user feedback) and then someone with the authority and competence to initiate appropriate action to take onboard their comments.
and for the design/development and Marketing to be told their budget, and management salaries get reduced for every naff change that gets 100 complaints or negative feedback postings.