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A short time ago, I found a cool web service called CosmoPOD that allows you to run a remote Linux PC from your desktop without having to actually install a Linux operating system.

Once you are connected to the remote Linux PC, you are able to surf the web anonymously, plus have immunity to Spyware or adware attacks.

But that's just one of the benefits of CosmoPOD. Once inside your new CosmoPOD desktop, you will have access to dozens of free or open source applications.

For example:

  • Open Office is one of the many installed applications and it lets you use and create most of the common documents you need in most business environments.
  • The installed FireFox web browser gives you internet access.
  • Kopete allows you access to most of the instant messenger services, and Kmail gives you access to a terrific email client with a free email address already included.
  • There are games, utilities and many other programs available as well. I almost forgot to mention that CosmoPOD also gives you 1 Gigabyte of free online storage.

In order to connect to CosmoPOD, you'll need to first sign up for a free account there. Then you will download and install the free NoMachine NX connection client. After you're setup, click on a shortcut at the Cosmopod website or download the shortcut to your Windows desktop and launch it there. The NX connection client will launch and you'll soon be inside a Linux machine that resides somewhere out in cyberspace.

I recently interviewed the webmaster at CosmoPOD to find out more about the project.

q. How do you pay for this service?

a. We get payment through advertising you will notice when one launches a browser there is a shopping page, we will be adding more advertising slowly.

q. How many users are there?

a. We have around 10,000 users so far and growing every day.

q. Is there a paid version?

a. We might launch a paid version where advanced users can install their own software.

q. How do most users use Cosmopod?

a. People are mainly using it for collaboration and office documents.

q. 1Gb is a lot of space, how can people get their files off of CosmoPOD?

a. There is a file transfer link in the menu of the homepage, users can simply login here and transfer files.

q. Just how fast is it normally? Do you need more users?

a. We have a nice fat and fast pipe attached and are always looking for more users.

q. What are your future plans for CosmoPOD?

a. We will be implementing a seamless browser plugin which will make the connection process much smoother, add native access to GDrive when it is launched and get more users and applications running. Some companies are just about to launch entire thin clients on 1 cheap integrated chip this means we can provide a full managed desktop at the price of a computer screen! We are moving quite rapidly along with the open source wave.

Thank you Steve, for the information and this fantastic free service.

Go and try CosmoPOD yourself, and see what you think!

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