Seeing is Believing: One More Reason to Try Spyware Doctor

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I have most wonderful news!

Over the past few weeks I've been in contact with PC Tools (the makers of Spyware Doctor, Registry Mechanic, and Privacy Guardian); after explaining our current funding situation, PC Tools has agreed to discount Spyware Doctor by an incredible 20% off the retail price to help raise funds for our web site.

Reminder: What is Spyware Doctor?

In short, Spyware Doctor is a multi-award winning Spyware removal utility that can instantly remove thousands of Spyware and adware traces, Trojans, keyloggers, tracking threats, and other nasty Spybots from your PC.

Last year, Spyware Doctor was given the prestigious Editors Choice Award by PC Magazine and also a 5 Star Rating (the highest) by -- two big name tech web sites you can trust. To quote:

" [Spyware Doctor is] the most effective of all the products tested at both blocking and removing spyware and keyloggers, and it's our current Editors' Choice. " ~ PC Magazine Editors' Choice, June 19, 2005

" The cream of the software crop! We highly recommend this download. " ~ C|Net, 5 Star award, January 2005

Why I Recommend Spyware Doctor

I wholeheartedly recommend Spyware Doctor and I use it on my own machine. I prefer Spyware Doctor over any other antiSpyware program because it's easy to use and offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date protection I've ever seen in a single application (to date). Simply put: I firmly believe that Spyware Doctor is -- hands down -- the best antiSpyware program on the market.

Infopackets Readers agree:

" I run 6 anti-spyware programs and thought I was totally protected -- until I downloaded Spyware Doctor. It found additional spyware that I was unaware of! Absolutely Amazing! As a current fan of PcTools, I also have Registry Mechanic, PcTools Antivirus, and Privacy Guardian. I knew I had to try Spyware Doctor and I am *glad* I did. Spyware Doctor is an excellent addition to my arsenal of anti-spyware weapons, and I highly recommend this program over all others. Keep up the good work on researching quality products. " ~ Infopackets Reader Ed A.

" After seeing Spyware Doctor mentioned in your newsletter, I decided to compare it against my antiSpyware regimen (Adaware and Spybot S&D: freeware versions). Not only did Spyware Doctor find more traces of Spyware on my machine, I was *completely* blown away at just how many layers of protection it offers. It's truly a great piece of software and I can see why it won so many awards. Thank you, Dennis, for recommending Spyware Doctor. It was the best thing I've downloaded in years! " ~ Infopackets Reader Neil S.

" I used Spy Sweeper before (by Webroot). Overall I was impressed with the program but was very dismayed at how much RAM it ate (up to 264 megabytes if I recall)! In comparison, Spyware Doctor uses a fraction of my resources, which leaves more memory free for other, more important tasks at hand ... Spyware Doctor also offers *way* more protection than Spy Sweeper ... You can bet that I'll be registering Spyware Doctor when I'm finished with this email! Thanks again! " ~ Infopackets Reader Gail R.

" ... With the all the safeguards that Spyware Doctor [offers] ... against an attack, I can't imagine why anyone would want to use anything else. I used Spybot [Search and Destroy] and prior to that, LavaSoft Ad-Aware ... Don't get me wrong: freeware programs are good up to certain degree of protection, but neither [Spybot or Ad-Aware] have anything on Spyware Doctor. " ~ Infopackets Reader Jan G.

Spyware Doctor: Download

If you've neglected to sample Spyware Doctor in the past, now is as good a time as any to try it -- completely free! Once you've downloaded the program, you can compare the results of Spyware Doctor with your current regimen of antiSpyware safeguards. I guarantee you will be blown away by just how much protection Spyware Doctor offers and that you'll want to continue using it. After all, seeing is believing!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try Spyware Doctor today!

But hurry, because this special and never-before-offered discount will end July 14th, 2006! And I can guarantee you that it won't be offered again for a long, long time. ;-)

Special Note #1: To sweeten the pot even more, PC Tools is also offering 33% off Registry Mechanic, PC Tools Antivirus, and Privacy Guardian -- but only if you purchase Spyware Doctor, today! Simply checkmark these additional products as part of your Spyware Doctor order. And don't forget, a portion of your purchase will be used directly to support [click here to read why your support is desperately needed].

Special Note #2: The special discounted price for Spyware Doctor will only appear on the *final* sales page just before you confirm your order (and not the initial sales page via the web site).

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