EA Pledges Full Support for Nintendo's Wii (and more)

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Although yours truly reported a few days ago that the recently released specfications for the upcoming Nintendo Wii were a little modest -- and in some insiders' opinions, barely an improvement on the Gamecube -- the gaming industry's biggest developer is coming out in support of the system.

Electronic Arts (EA), makers of everything from strategy to sports (including the massively popular Madden series) have gone public with not only their support for the Wii, but also candid statements about where it might finish in the next-gen showdown.

Despite its reported sluggish specs, Nintendo's Wii will be the cheapest console on the market, estimated to retail for about $249 USD. Pair that with a determination from Nintendo to release some whacky peripherals and first-rate first-party titles, and you can probably see where EA is coming from.

Recently speaking on the subject of the next-gen war was EA Corporate Communications Vice-President Jeff Brown, who re-iterated the fact that the Wii's price point will allow it to become a common support for the more powerful systems from Microsoft (Xbox 360) and Sony (Playstation 3, or PS3).

According to Brown, instead of the 40/40/20 split between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo respectively, the Wii might garner far more attention. With Sony offering a system peaking at $600 USD, few people will want to buy the $400 USD Microsoft Xbox 360 for support. More than likely, Nintendo will fill that gap, and the same -- at least, according to Brown -- might be true for 360 owners looking for something different.

The result?

Perhaps 50/25/25 -- in Nintendo's favour. (Source: eurogamer.net)

Mr. Brown is not the only representative from the world's largest game developer to pledge full support for the (arguably) underpowered Wii. During yesterday's conference to discuss its quarterly figures, EA stated that they would be increasing support for both the Wii and DS, citing an unmistakable excitement for both systems during this past year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Games might also be a selling point for Nintendo. Although Microsoft has increased prices by about $10 over the cost of original Xbox titles and Sony is even declaring that its games could reach $75-100, Nintendo and EA are both declaring a desire to keep their wares under fifty bucks. (Source: arstechnica.com)

For gamers on a budget, Nintendo and its Wii will both be hard to turn down -- especially considering the price of gas these days.

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