Radio Shack Emails Lay Off Notifications

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Generally, I don't much like email. It's impersonal, often leads to miscommunication, and simply doesn't carry the satisfaction of personal interaction with someone on the phone, or, better yet, in person.

However, for those rare occasions when I want to completely avoid emotional contact, email is often the best choice. And apparently, tech retailer Radio Shack feels the same way. Rather than approach employees in a respectful, consolatory manner, the company recently laid off 400 employees through email.

The affected workers are (or were) employed at Radio Shack's Fort Worth, Texas headquarters. According to reports, the jaw-dropping email landed in inboxes on Tuesday morning, telling workers, "The work force reduction notification is currently in progress," and that "Unfortunately, your position is one that has been eliminated."

Tough crowd.

Company representatives tried to save face by telling the media that most employees were fore-warned that the notices were coming via email. However, their method of dealing with those laid off is equally impersonal, as Radio Shack has initiated an intranet program for laid off employees to seek information on their axing. (Source:

Most employees are, understandably, annoyed and angered with the lay offs and Radio Shack's way of letting employees know about them.

Radio Shack's sales have been dismal lately, leading to the 400 terminations. As a result of the lay offs, the company's stock actually rose 1.6% on the New York Stock Exchange, indicating that investors have some faith that Radio Shack can get things back on track. (Source:

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