'Clock Gen', and 'Upgrade A 32-Bit Computer To 64-Bit'

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Clock Gen

ClockGen is an program dedicated to overclocking. Its main purpose is to change the system clocks on the fly: FSB (Front Side Bus) and GSB (Graphic Side Bus). ClockGen also provides some functions that allow you to improve and monitor your overclock.


Upgrade A 32-Bit Computer To 64-Bit

A large part of computers manufactured today are in fact already 64-bit regarding the hardware, but they only operate in a 32-bit software environment. There may even be users who do not suspect that their computers are actually 64-bit; so before purchasing a brand new Athlon 64-bit computer, a short test is worth running on our current hardware. We performed the test with a software called CPU-Z to see if our system was 64-bit capable.


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