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"Lost," "Desperate Housewives," and "Grey's Anatomy" fans rejoice: these are a few of the programs that ABC will soon be offering free of charge via their website. (Source:

Disney-owned ABC ran a two month test run last spring to determine the viability of an Internet broadcast. Clearly, the results were positive. The company announced this past Thursday that beginning May 2007, select ABC shows will be available on the day after they air. Viewers will be able to pause and rewind the episodes. They cannot, however, fast forward through commercials, which Disney says will take an interactive format. (Source:

ABC seems to be acknowledging a potential opening for on-line broadcasting that differs from a system in which viewers pay to view a program. Albert Cheng, ABC Television Group's executive vice president for digital media, stated that "because people may not be able to afford to purchase every show they want to view on demand, other shows could potentially be viewed on-line in an ad-supported environment." (Source:

This is not the company's first outreach to connect with consumers beyond the television screen. ABC programs have already been available to Apple iPod customers commercial-free for $1.99 per download. However, as the Walt Disney Company endeavors to create the "network of the future," streaming their programs on-line may be a giant leap towards achieving this goal. (Source:

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