Can't access Explorer favorites?

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Susan S. writes:

" I'm an old experienced computer user, but this has me stumped. Just today suddenly I can't access the web from my favorites in the Start/Favorites list or in the Internet Explorer taskbar. I click on a link and nothing happens.

What on earth is going on? And how do I fix it? "

My Response:

Most likely this is a software bug in Internet Explorer -- I can honestly say that I do not recall ever experiencing this problem.

I gave a quick look in the Microsoft Knowledge Base from Microsoft's site and also tried Google, but couldn't see anything that match the queries "can't access favorites" or "favorites don't work".

Anyway: It looks like it's time once again to ask Infopackets Readers for help!

Know the answer? Email me.

Update 2003/01/14: This topic has been updated; click here to read.

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