How to visually trace hackers and find out more about them

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Wouldn't it be great if you could visually trace back the path of a hacker?

A little while back I received an email from Infopackets Reader, J. Noway with a freebee software title that does just that. VisualZone and VisualIce analyze log files from Zone Alarm and Black Ice (two popular anti-hacker firewall programs) and give users the option of finding out more about any PC intruder.

J. Noway writes:

" The software interprets firewall log files by date and gives the user an idea of whom and what time someone is pinging them or attempting access. It is designed specifically to work with Zone Alarm (free or Pro) and also works with Black Ice. Both software titles are available (below) and it doesn't contain any adware and is completely free!

Its a good way for users to see how their firewall is working, what ports are being probed, and best of all, it has the 'backtrace' feature that gives a clearer idea of whom is knocking at their door! "

What a great idea!

I decided to install VisualZone on my machine.

VisualZone impressed me with the fact that I could scroll through my ZoneAlarm firewall log data very quickly. The next thing I did was click on View -> Attack Details; this displayed a Window with Buttons which give more detail about the intruder (if there is any available).

While I was typing this newsletter, I heard many "door knocking" noises through my computer speakers. I figured it was probably VisualZone telling me that someone was attempting to penetrate my computer, so I clicked on the flashing VisualZone Tray Bar icon. I was taken to a new Window where I found a button to "view today's attacks". As soon as I clicked on that, it showed me the last person who attacked me. Impressive!

Since installing the software, I've heard about 20 knocks on the door -- so I elected to shut the visual and audible alarms off by clicking Tools -> Options.

I'm sold. Wait a sec, it's free!?

This is very good software if you want to find out more about your attackers -- and it doesn't cost anything. For those of you who don't have a firewall on your system, you really need to get one. And there's no reason why you shouldn't -- because ZoneAlarm firewall is free, too! You can get ZoneAlarm free by reading my report:

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