Managing your Personal Calendar: MS Outlook

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Outlook's Calendar folder can keep track of any number of appointments and meetings, whether they are one-time-only meetings or recurring events that repeat on a regular basis.

If you want to see more than one month in the Date Navigator, drag the border between the Navigation pane and the contents pane to the right. If the Taskpad is visible, drag its border to the left and/or down. Outlook will show as many months as will fit it he space you allot.

Appointments have starting and ending times blocked out in your schedule.

Events, such as trips, etc. last 24 hours or more.

Meetings are appointments where you invite other people.

You can create a appointment by using any of the following techniques:

  • Click the New Appointment button.
  • Press CTRL + Shift + A.
  • Choose File | New | Appointment.

Enter a name for the appointment in the Subject field an then tab from field to field and add the rest of your details.

Click the Save and Close button when you have finished.

You can add details about the appointment in the Notes area just below the Reminder field. You can also add attachments here, including files, shortcuts to file, etc.

To set up a recurring appointment or event, create the item from scratch or open an existing item and then click the Recurrence button to display the Appointment Recurrence dialog box.

Adjust the options as needed to match the schedule of your event. Enter an ending date or a fixed number of occurrences, if appropriate, and click OK.

Then click Save and Close to add the recurring appointment or even to your Calendar folder. Outlook adds a recurrence icon to the left of the event description in all Calendar views.

To edit a recurring appointment or event, open the item. A dialog box allows you to specify whether you want to change the entire series or just the selected instance.

To see a lists of all recurring appointments and events, switch to Outlook's predefined Recurring Appointments view.

Now there is no excuse for not putting your appointments on your calendar!

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