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Sick and tired of junk email and viruses?

I sure am!

Not too long ago, I received the following email from Infopackets Reader Hugh G., who introduced me to a program called MailWasher:

" I just wanted to let you know that I'm using MailWasher, a program designed to keep out unsolicited commercial email (IE: Spam) and email viruses away from your computer.

MailWasher connects to your Mail Server and allows you to preview and delete emails before they are downloaded to your Inbox!

MailWasher also has a really handy feature which allows you to bounce emails back to people so it looks like your address doesn't exist. If you're getting a lot of Spam, you can bounce the email back and the Spammers will most likely remove your name from their list. "

MailWasher Pro: a highly effective program used to block bogus email attachments, viruses, and unsolicited messages (spam) from reaching your Inbox.

I decided to give MailWasher Pro a shot. Setting up MailWasher Pro was very simple; the initial setup phase requires only 5 pieces of information to make the program function:

  • The user name of the email account
  • The incoming email server
  • Your email address and password
  • The outgoing email server

This information is available from your Internet Service Provider.

MailWasher Pro: Pre-screening Emails

Once my account was configured, I was able to pre-screen my emails by clicking on the 'Check Mail' Button.

Email headers are then downloaded. Using a BlackList and Heurtistics, MailWasher Pro is able to determine (with great accuracy) if the message is likely to contain unsolicited email or a virus.

MailWasher Pro: How BlackListing and Heuristics work

MailWasher Pro utilizes a live database of known spammers. If an email is suspect, it is marked in the "Status" column and automatically set for "Delete".

Heuristics are a special set of rules which are used to determine whether or not an email is Spam or contains a Virus. Heuristic levels can be adjusted to make MailWasher Pro more orless sensitive to the contents of an email message.

MailWasher Pro: Compatibility

MailWasher works with your existing e-mail program and is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

MailWasher Pro: You won't Believe your Eyes!

My email address has been picked up by hundreds of spammers. To give you an idea of how much Spam I get each day, I decided to take a few sample snapshots of MailWasher Pro in action on my system over the weekend.

Please note that these pictures have not been doctored in any way. Pro_screenshots.htm What are other Infopackets Readers saying about Mail Washer Pro?

" Dear Dennis,

1000 thanks for your infopackets in my mailbox!

Two programs you reviewed recently have completely changed my life for the better. The [program names] are MailWasher Pro and RoboForm. Both have given me peace of mind! I get 20 spams a day, but [MailWasher Pro is able to] ... completely blacklist [them] and all I get is my real mail. Simply brilliant !!! The second program is Roboform. It was dreadful filling out order forms etc online, making several little mistakes -- but never again! This delightful program does it all for me. Many thanks from me and those who forget to say thank you! Please keep up the good work. " ~ Nigel R. from Nottingham, England

MailWasher Pro: Download

FireTrust MailWasher Pro costs $37.00 USD (worth every penny!) and may be downloaded online:

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