Are Motorola and Nokia Wrongfully Accused?

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Recently, a 22-year-old Chinese man died after his Motorola cell phone exploded.

In the wake of such a tragedy, government regulators in south China are now discovering unsafe Nokia and Motorola phone batteries that can combust under certain conditions. As a result, phones by these companies have recently failed numerous safety tests in the country.

Despite the very serious circumstances facing Nokia and Motorola, both are pointing fingers elsewhere. According to company representatives, the batteries found by authorities were unauthorized copycats. (Source:

The timing and location of the accident may give further support to the cell phone companies. Currently, many international corporations are concerned about the growing number of counterfeit products in China. Suspicion also revolves around the fact that there are billions of Motorola and Nokia cell phone subscribers worldwide, yet the phones have only created a dangerous situation in China. In addition, past instances of counterfeiting in China have taken dangerous turns. (Source:

Regardless, the companies are still making an effort to ensure that their products were not at fault and that their consumers are satisfied. According to a Motorola spokesperson, "at this time, preliminary evidence suggests that it is highly unlikely that a cell phone caused this accident; however, we are cooperating with the Chinese authorities to determine and investigate the root cause. Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with the individual's family and friends." Source:

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