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Tattoos, Pills to Replace Traditional Passwords

Motorola is experimenting with new methods for securing personal technology devices. The firm is actively searching for alternatives to the standard password. At the recent All Things D(igital) conference in California, Motorola's head of Advanced ... Technology and Projects, Regina Dugan, suggested transforming the human body into a walking verification center. The first method involves an electronic tattoo, whereby an individual would be able to literally wear a passcode on their skin. To pursue this idea Motorola has teamed with an electronics company MC10, which currently offers tattoos with ... (view more)

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Google Working on Super Smartphone: Report

Google is reportedly working on a super smartphone. Dubbed the 'X Phone', it will directly compete with the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series. However, Google is reportedly having significant problems designing the new device. Google is working ... on the project with Motorola, the major electronics manufacturing firm it recently acquired for $12.5 billion. This marks the first time the two companies have worked together to build a smartphone. Reports also indicate the Google and Motorola partnership will produce a special 'X Tablet' computer. 'X Phone' a Feature-Rich Device Reports suggest ... (view more)

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Motorola RAZRi Features Super-Fast Intel Processor

Last week, Apple created a huge stir by unveiling its iPhone 5 smartphone. Already analysts are predicting the company will sell 48 million of the handhelds by the end of 2012. But Motorola is hoping to steer some consumers away from Apple with its ... RAZRi, which the company showed off in a public demonstration on Tuesday, September 18. With the new device boasting the fastest processor ever in a smartphone, Motorola called the RAZRi release the "biggest launch since the original RAZR." Super-Fast Processor Could Give RAZRi the Edge At the demo, the company proudly highlighted the RAZRi's ... (view more)

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Windows 7, Internet Explorer Banned by German Court

Motorola has won a court ruling that bans the distribution of most major Microsoft products in Germany. However, it's not yet clear if the landmark ban will actually be enforced. A German court granted Motorola an injunction covering distribution of ... Windows 7, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, and the Xbox 360 video game console in that country. If the ban is ever enforced, it would prevent those software and hardware products from being sold in Germany -- presumably until the patent dispute between Microsoft and Motorola is finally settled. However, a U.S. court has issued a ruling ... (view more)

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RIM and Motorola Trade Lawsuits

Two tech giants have traded lawsuits, the result of which could have serious repercussions in an increasingly competitive multi-billion dollar industry. Research in Motion (RIM) filed its lawsuit on Feb. 16, stating that rival Motorola was violating ... nine patents held by the company. Additionally, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company alleges that Motorola is breaching a 2003 agreement between the two companies by refusing to renegotiate on an extension, which expired in January 2008. The company alleges that its rival is engaging in anti-competitive conduct by attempting to charge "exorbitant ... (view more)

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Can Razr 2 Save Motorola?

In recent weeks, we've heard a lot about Apple's iPhone. We've heard so much about it, in fact, that few of us remember the sleekest cell before it. That of course, was the Motorola RAZR. Desperate to regain some of its past glory, Motorola will ... release its slim handheld in an entirely new version. It's unsurprisingly (and un-originally) called RAZR 2. This weekend will mark the release of Motorola's new device, a rather desperate attempt to remind consumers that extremely thin cell phones, and not extremely expensive and feature-laden devices, were once the toast of the market. Behind the ... (view more)

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Are Motorola and Nokia Wrongfully Accused?

Recently, a 22-year-old Chinese man died after his Motorola cell phone exploded. In the wake of such a tragedy, government regulators in south China are now discovering unsafe Nokia and Motorola phone batteries that can combust under certain ... conditions. As a result, phones by these companies have recently failed numerous safety tests in the country. Despite the very serious circumstances facing Nokia and Motorola, both are pointing fingers elsewhere. According to company representatives, the batteries found by authorities were unauthorized copycats. (Source: ) The timing and ... (view more)

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Motorola Acquires Major BlackBerry Rival

Motorola Inc. has announced the acquisition of Good Technology Inc., the primary software producers of what is considered to be a major rival of BlackBerry handheld devices. The move accentuates Motorola's attempt to expand its popular cell phone ... division in an effort to meet high consumer demands for other electronic devices. Good Technology, a privately held firm that provides software for the Palm Treo, will join the Motorola mobile devices unit, which has already developed an established reputation due to the increasing popularity of the Razr camera phone. (Source: ) ... (view more)

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