Google Working on Super Smartphone: Report

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Google is reportedly working on a super smartphone. Dubbed the 'X Phone', it will directly compete with the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series. However, Google is reportedly having significant problems designing the new device.

Google is working on the project with Motorola, the major electronics manufacturing firm it recently acquired for $12.5 billion. This marks the first time the two companies have worked together to build a smartphone.

Reports also indicate the Google and Motorola partnership will produce a special 'X Tablet' computer.

'X Phone' a Feature-Rich Device

Reports suggest Google is shooting for the stars with this new 'X Phone' project. Apparently, the goal is to pack in as many cutting-edge features as possible. (Source:

Motorola and Google have explored several ideas for the new device, including a display with greater-than-average color saturation; malleable, stress-resistant hardware; and a built-in camera capable of taking panoramic photographs.

However, sources close to Google and Motorola indicate the two companies have struggled to include such advanced features while also maintaining a reasonable battery life.

Another problem seems to be that some of the X Phone's cutting-edge features have already been implemented by rivals. For example, Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, can take panoramic photographs.

'X' Devices Reportedly Due Next Year

Despite these difficulties, Google is reportedly determined to release the X Phone sometime in 2013.

It's not yet clear what operating system (OS) Google will install on the new devices. The firm's Android OS is very popular, though Google may decide to use an operating system that further distinguishes the new 'X' hardware from ordinary Android-based devices.

Google has declined to comment on the 'X' device rumors. However, Motorola chief executive officer Dennis Woodside (a former Google sales executive) admitted in a recent interview that his company is "investing in a team and a technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches." (Source:

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