Motorola RAZRi Features Super-Fast Intel Processor

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Last week, Apple created a huge stir by unveiling its iPhone 5 smartphone. Already analysts are predicting the company will sell 48 million of the handhelds by the end of 2012.

But Motorola is hoping to steer some consumers away from Apple with its RAZRi, which the company showed off in a public demonstration on Tuesday, September 18.

With the new device boasting the fastest processor ever in a smartphone, Motorola called the RAZRi release the "biggest launch since the original RAZR."

Super-Fast Processor Could Give RAZRi the Edge

At the demo, the company proudly highlighted the RAZRi's impressive hardware specifications.

For example, it's the very first smartphone with a 2GHz Intel processor, which Motorola claims will provide blazing  performance, including faster sending and receiving messages, speedier Internet navigation, and quicker handheld games.

Motorola General Manager Brian Morley says the added processing power will give the RAZRi a significant advantage over its competitors.

"This chipset gives us exactly what we want to launch in these markets," Morley said. "It gives us the ability to create a compact device, it gives us speed and it's a mid to high tier, mass market device." (Source:

RAZRi Boasts 4.3-inch Display

The RAZRi runs on the Android 4.0.4 mobile operating system (OS) and includes 1GB RAM. It weighs just 126 grams and boasts a 4.3-inch display, protected by edge-to-edge waterproof Gorilla Glass.

The RAZRi also ships with an 8 megapixel camera, which Motorola says is capable of taking ten photos in less than a second.

Motorola also claims the RAZRi's battery is 40 per cent more powerful than the one in Apple's iPhone 4S (recently supplanted by the iPhone 5).

Unfortunately, consumers in the United States may have to wait a while before Motorola offers them the new device. According to Reuters, the RAZRi will launch this October in Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Britain, and Mexico. (Source:

The company has not yet announced when the U.S., Canada, Japan, China, or other major markets will see the device in stores.

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