Windows Home Server Hardware Prices Leaked

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Oh Amazon, you're such a blabbermouth. The popular online retailer recently revealed just how much consumers can expect to pay for hardware running Microsoft Corporation's upcoming Windows Home Server (WHS) software.

The slip of the mouth took place last Monday, even though servers using Microsoft's product aren't expected to hit stores until the 15th of September. According to these whispers, prices for start at a measly $599 USD.

Amazon wasn't alone in the revelation, however. Other online retailers let loose details and prices, including PCMall and

So, what's in the bounty?

The outlined online gaffs have revealed a number of prices. Hewlett-Packard's MediaSmart Home Server will be available in two editions, a 500GB version for $599 and a premium model boasting 1TB of storage space for $759. (Source:

Despite the difference in storage and price, both will blast along courtesy of a 1.8GHz AMD Sempron processor. Other hardware goodies include four individual drive bays for internal storage and four USB 2.0 ports (all with the ability to link to external drivers). Add-ons include HP's Photo Webshare program, which allows a user to build their own photo-sharng web site. More Facebooks, more trouble, perhaps?

Although HP and the mentioned retailers quickly pulled the bounty of information briefly available last week, hints remain. Amazon still displays the servers, but not their prices.

While HP might have some right to be annoyed with the leak, Microsoft has even more serious problems to deal with. Of course, they're likely behind a leak that has seen Windows Home Server available in some countries long before its scheduled North American release date.

On the outside still looking in are other manufacturers prepared to use Microsoft's Windows Home Server. Although none have received the attention dealt HP by the leak, Fujitsu-Siemens, Gateway, Iomega, LaCie Ltd, and Medion AG are all expected to produce servers running Microsoft's software.

Most of these manufacturers have had access to Windows Home Server since July 15. Interestingly enough, although the attached (and leaked) hardware is set for the 15th of September, as recently as a few days ago various retailers had no confirmation on the official availability of WHS or its price. (Source:

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