Change Font size in Outlook Express and Internet Explorer?

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Infopackets Reader Dorothy L. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am most interested in all the information you provide, however, I suffer from an eye disorder and have a very difficult time reading text. Can you please tell me how I can increase the size of the font so that I don't need to use a magnifying glass? Thank you for your attention to this matter. "

My response:

If you use Outlook Express to view your email, you can increase font size by clicking View -> Text Size -> Largest. If you have a Scroll Mouse (a mouse with a wheel on the top), you can also decrease / increase size of the font by pressing (and holding) the CTRL on your keyboard, while you move the scroll wheel on your mouse at the same time.

This tip also works with great with Internet Explorer.

Very important: Please note that for the Scroll Mouse "trick" to work, the current window must be "active". To activate a Window, simply left-click it. In the case of Outlook Express, the "message body" window must be clicked to make it active.

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