Change Font size in Outlook Express and Internet Explorer?, Part 2

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Recall --

In Yesterday's Gazette Newsletter, Dorothy L. told me that her eye sight is not what it used to be, and has a difficult time reading the newsletter without a magnifying glass. I responded to her dilemma by providing two different ways she could increase font size in both Outlook Express and Internet Explorer:

Change Font size in Outlook Express and Internet Explorer?

Today, Leo F. suggested that Dorothy try a freeware program called "Super Magnify", which "magnifies portions of the screen up to 15 times". Leo writes:

" The large Font tip you offered Dorothy L. in yesterday's newsletter is certainly valid, but she may need additional assistance beyond increasing the font size. While Microsoft offers an optional install of a Magnifier [since Windows 98] by selecting Programs -> Accessories -> Accessibility -> Magnifier, it may not be convenient or flexible enough for most users. The Super Magnify program [link below] can magnify whatever is in the area of the cursor (up to 15x), including: both text and graphics -- and even those which are animated! It's available for free at "

From the web site:

" Super Magnify v1.0 Magnifies portions of your screen ... with a special interpolation routine to maintain graphic detail when magnifying. A 32-bit Freeware program, Super Magnify is light-weight at 250kb, and can run on Win9x / ME / 2000 / NT and XP from either download location. "

Speaking of neat things you can do with a mouse: over the weekend, I came across a fantastic tip from the Newbie Club which explains how to adjust both mouse and click speed. You may find this tip especially helpful if you plan to download and use Super Magnify (addressed above).

Joe Robson of the Newbie Club writes:

" As you move the mouse across its pad, the cursor may fly across the screen, or it mail crawl. This speed is easily adjusted within the Mouse Properties dialog box. Use the Pointer speed slider to make adjustments. Get there via: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel; Double Click the Mouse icon; Go to the Motion tab. If your mouse pointer is moving too fast, drag the slider to the slower side. If it's creeping, speed it up by dragging the slider to the right, or faster side.

Are you Left-Handed?

If you're left-handed and the convention of right-handers bugs you, change [your mouse buttons] around to suit your needs. Just visit the Mouse Properties dialog box and select the Buttons tab. Activate the Left-handed option and apply the new setting by clicking OK.

Things are reversed now, so watch what you do!

Adjust Your DDouble CClick SSpeed

Programs have to distinguish between two consecutive clicks and true double click. For example, click once and wait three seconds, then click again. That's two single clicks. A double click would be like clicking twice within one second.

This rate can be adjusted (you guessed it) in the Mouse Properties dialog box, under the Buttons tab.

By the way. While you're in there, watch out for any mouse traps! "

Side note: This tip was originally published in the "PC and Internet Companion", which is available at:

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