MailWasher Pro 3.20: now with AOL support

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Email viruses and unsolicited messages are a huge pain in the neck.

It's bad enough that I receive about 50~100 bogus messages a day, but it's even worse when an email worm hits the 'net. The last virus to hit my Inbox was the SoBig email worm back in late August of this year, and it caused major havoc: at one point, I had over 2,000 bogus emails waiting to be downloaded to my Inbox in less than 1.5 days.

You may recall that on August 28, I wrote an article on coping with unsolicited messages and email viruses.

SoBig Email Worm Virus, Part 2

At the end of this article, I mentioned that the next major release of MailWasher Pro (slated for this month) would support AOL email accounts. If you're an avid Reader of the Gazette, then you've probably read my article on MailWasher Pro: a program which automates the removal of email viruses and unsolicited messages *before* they have a chance to download to your Inbox.

I've been using MailWasher Pro for quite some time now, and have found it to be very accurate when predicting which emails are likely to contain a virus or spam (unsolicited email).

Moments ago, I received this notification from FireTrust:

" It's taken a lot longer than expected, but it's finally here: the latest MailWasher Pro release! Now AOL and IMAP e-mail address holders can fight back at spammers. Experience the benefits of SPAM FREE e-mail with MailWasher Pro!

AOL is the most popular Internet service provider with almost 40 million members, and you can bet the spammers know it. Because AOL is so popular, e-mail address are extremely targeted for junk e-mailers. Companies pay top dollar for AOL mailing lists -- and once you are on a list, it's just a matter of time before you get 10-50-100 junk messages a day. Upgrading to MailWasher Pro is easy! MailWasher Pro automatically configures itself when you upgrade, and you will never have to setup anything extra if you do not want to. However, MailWasher Pro provides a wide variety of advanced options to give you ALL you need to take control and better manage your e-mail!

The only anti spam software for all your e-mail accounts, MailWasher Pro filtering software is available for AOL, IMAP, POP3* and Hotmail and MSN Users. "

Side note: POP3 email accounts are standard. If you use Outlook Express, Incredimail, Netscape, Eudora, or Pegasus (to name a few), you most likely have a POP3 email account. By the way, MailWasher Pro works with *any* email program.

A full review of MailWasher Pro is available here:

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