Bioshock Zaps Competition, Receives Record Award Nods

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Call yourself a gamer? Then maybe you can answer this question: what game warranted the most critical acclaim last year? Was it PC's Crysis? The Xbox 360's Halo 3? The Wii's Mario Galaxy? Or multi-platform smash Rock Band? Although all of the above are certainly worth checking out, during the recent Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' (AIAS) announcement of nominees for Interactive Achievement Awards (IAA), Xbox 360 and PC hit Bioshock swept up.

Released in August of 2007, Bioshock mixes art deco design and a 1950s sci-fi flair to create a rather unique shooter experience. The underwater city dynamic combined with intelligent and imposing enemies -- as well as dazzling level design -- set the game apart in a first person shooter market that is becoming more and more competitive (especially on Microsoft's console).

Just how much attention is Bioshock getting?

Bioshock managed to smash previous records by garnering twelve nominations for the upcoming IAAs (held February 7 in Las Vegas and hosted by Jay Mohr). "This year's finalists reflect the commitment game makers have to create compelling, engaging and exciting experiences for the expanding game playing audience," AIAS president Joseph Olin said of Bioshock and its competition. (Source:

Bioshock is up for the following categories:

  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
  • Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
  • Character Performance
  • Story Development
  • Original Music Composition
  • Soundtrack
  • Sound Design
  • Game Design Innovation
  • Action Game of the Year
  • Computer Game of the Year
  • Console game of the Year
  • Overall Game of the Year (Source:

Impressive, no? Bioshock received an average score of 95% from 87 video game critics, making it the second highest-rated title on the Xbox 360. (Source:

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