Send Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) email in Outlook Express?

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Die-hard Infopackets Reader Reverand William A. writes:

" Dennis, thanks for such a great news / info publication.

I do have a question. I use Outlook Express and would like to know if there is a way to send a message to multiple recipients without showing all the names in the TO: field once the message has been delivered. There are times we'd like to send a quick note to many people, but don't want each email address published. Any ideas? Thanks for the help. "

My response:

What you are referring to is called a Blind Carbon Copy, or BCC. The BCC field allows you to send a message to a list of recipients without revealing each name once the message has been delivered.

To enabled the BCC field for Outlook Express, simply:

  • Reply or create a New Message
  • In the Reply / New Message window, click View from the menu
  • Ensure that "All Headers" has a checkmark beside it.
  • The BCC field should appear in the Reply or New Message Window
  • List all your recipients in the BCC field.

You can also click on the BCC button to access the Address Book (if your contacts are listed in there).

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