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I receive hundreds of emails every day and to be honest, sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with. I check my email at set points throughout the day and read every email as I do so, but I absolutely do not have time to answer every email I receive when I read it!

I am sure that some of you are shaking your heads in agreement as you read this. If that is so, then you are going to like this tip because it shows you how to use a feature in MS Outlook that will prompt you to answer those emails long after (hopefully not too long!) you have read them.

There are a couple of features in MS Outlook that you can use to alleviate this problem for you.

Follow along with the step below:

  • First you could set up an appointment for the message for which you need to send a reply. An appointment??? Yes, that is correct -- an appointment. You can turn that email into an appointment that MS Outlook will remind you to take care of.   To create an appointment for your message, you can simply drag and drop the message into your Calendar on the Outlook Bar.
  • Alternatively, drag it to your Calendar folder.  
  • Once you have done that, a new appointment will open up with the body of the message already there.  
  • Next, complete the steps that you would normally use to set up an appointment.  
  • Click on the Close and Save button.

There is another way to have MS Outlook help you out with this situation and that is to use the Flags feature in Outlook.

Follow the steps below to flag a message in MS Outlook:Select the email.  

Right-click on the email.  

  • From the resulting menu, select Follow Up.  
  • The flag for Follow Up dialog box will then open, allowing you to set up some basic options. When you have finished setting up your options, click on OK.  
  • If you are using the latest version of MS Outlook, 2007, you will see something different. When you right-click on the message, you will find that the Follow Up choice opens as a submenu.   You can now quickly select one of the Quick Flag times offered or choose Add Reminder, which will open the dialog box.  
  • Now, set your preferences.  
  • Click OK.

MS Outlook will remind you about this item if the flag has not been cleared by the due date you have set for it.

When an email message has a Follow Up Flag, there is a red flag displayed with the message. In version 2007, instead of a red flag, you will see text that says Follow Up.

So there you have it! You no longer have any excuse for not answering your email!

Screenshots will make this information a lot clearer for you and you can seem them and much more if you click the link below and visit my site.

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