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Have you ever had a program that just won't uninstall?

Nowadays almost all programs provide a facility for uninstalling themselves -- usually through the Add / Remove Programs section in the Windows Control Panel or by using an uninstaller that came with the program.

The trouble is, most uninstalls do the absolute minimum required to remove an application completely from your system. Subsequently, files which should have been removed end up scattered throughout the system, along with hundreds of inactive entries in the System Registry.

Side note: The Windows Registry is a database where all the information about your computer is stored: everything from colors, installed applications, and changes you make in Control Panel are included in the Registry database.

As I have discussed in the Gazette numerous times before, third-party cleaning applications such as Registry Mechanic and Registry Compactor can be used to streamline the Registry once it becomes bloated. And, Webroot's Window Washer does a fantastic job of reclaiming disk space by removing orphaned and temporary files scattered throughout the system.

But, what if all of this could be prevented in the first place?

As its name suggests, the primary function of Ashampoo UnInstaller Suite is to remove or uninstall applications from Windows systems. Ashampoo's unique uninstaller works by creating two snapshots of your system: one before you install an application, and one after the application has been installed.

When it's time to uninstall an application, Ashampoo UnInstaller compares both snapshots of an installed program. Once differences are sorted, UnInstaller restores everything on your system to the way it was before the application was installed. New files, directories, and registry entries are deleted -- even changed registry entries are reverted to the values they had before the application was installed.

Ashampoo UnInstaller: Using it on My Machine

UnInstaller Suite is very simple to use.

Once the program has been installed, a 'UIWatcher' icon docks quietly in the system tray bar (next to the clock). The primary function of UIWatcher is to monitor and record newly installed applications.

Right-clicking on UIWatcher provides access to the rest of the UnInstaller Suite, consisting of 8 separate components:

  • Installer: Clicking on the Installer icon will record a program installation. On the other hand, the UnInstaller icon provides complete removal of applications which have been monitored by Installer.
  • Unlogged [Unmonitored] Applications Removal: If an application has not been monitored by the Installer, the Unlogged Applications Removal module will guide you safely through the steps of removing an application. This feature is perfect for programs that wouldn't uninstall properly (even before Ashampoo Uninstaller was installed to your system).
  • Find and Delete Temp Files, Empty Folders, and Delete Duplicate Files: Recover precious hard drive space by seeking out and deleting unnecessary temporary files and folders.
  • Delete Internet Trail: Save space and protect your privacy by removing all traces of your Internet surfing sessions.
  • Font Management: Display all the fonts installed on your system and save space by removing the ones you don't need.

Ashampoo UnInstaller Suite: Compatibility

Ashampoo UnInstaller Suite is fully compatible with all versions of Windows, including: 95, 98, ME, NT4 (Service Pack 3 or higher), 2000, and XP.


The System Registry is the by far one of the most important aspect of Windows. If left unmanaged, the registry can swell unnecessarily and greatly deteriorate system performance.

Using Ashampoo's UnInstaller Suite can not only preserve the structure of the registry by providing essential preventative maintenance, it also does a fine job of maintaining a clutter-free system through its suite of mini-maintenance programs.

Ashampoo UnInstaller: Download

Ashampoo Uninstaller normally retails for $49.95 (as seen on their web site) -- however, after 2 weeks of pleading with the kind folks at Ashampoo, I was able to finagle a very special deal. Using the special link below, Infopackets Readers can enjoy a 35% discount by purchasing Ashampoo UnInstaller Suite through our site for only $32.49. This promotion was created specifically for our Readers and is not available through any other web site.

To sweeten the pot even more, Ashampoo is offering a staggering 50% off their newest utility, called PowerUp XP -- a convenient tool for fine-tuning Windows NT4, 2000 and XP. Details about PowerUp XP are listed on the purchase page (near the bottom).

Side note: You can read about PowerUp XP Platinum in our newsletter. We also have reviews on other Ashampoo products, such as WinOptimizer Platinum Suite, and CD Recording Suite, which are also currently on sale at 35% off for our Readers. To find out more, click any of the product links to read a review.

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