Email Saver Xe Review, Part 2

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There are a few issues regarding last week's article on Email Saver Xe, so I'll just get straight to it.

RE: Incorrect Coupon Code

I normally proof-read articles a number of times before sending out the newsletter to Readers. And so after making a number of routine corrections to last Thursday's feature article, I initiated the command to clean the subscriber base and begin sending out the newsletter.

A few hours later, my mailbox began filling up with letters from Infopackets Readers wondering why the coupon code for Email Saver Xe would not work. As it turns out, the correct coupon code is "INFOPACKETSES" (and no, that's not a typo). According to Jake Ludington (author of the Email Saver Xe article), the extra "ES" at the end of the coupon code stands for "Email Saver". Sorry for the confusion!

With that in mind, a few Readers asked me what the major differences were between Email Saver Xe and Winbackup -- a program frequently referenced in the newsletter. Infopackets Reader Conrad K. writes:

" Dennis, I really appreciate your newsletter! I recently registered my copy of WinBackup after reading your review, and was wondering if Winbackup's features can be used to do the same functions as Email Saver Xe? "

My response:

Good question. As the article states, "Email Saver Xe is an all-in-wonder email backup program designed to archive email messages, email attachments, address book and contact information, user data, message rules and filters."

Email Saver Xe supports a number of popular email clients, including Microsoft Outlook Express 5 and 6, Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000 and XP, Eudora 5 and 6, Incredimail, Netscape Messenger 6 and 7, Opera 6 and 7, Pegasus Mail, Poco Mail, and The Bat.

Compared to Email Xe, WinBackup only recognizes Microsoft Outlook / Express emails, and does not backup message rules, filters, or email settings. Like Email Xe, WinBackup saves address book / contact information, and web bookmarks. On the other hand, Email Saver Xe does not back up personal files, desktop settings, and documents like WinBackup does.

PS: If you missed the Email Xe article, you can read it online here. For the review on Winbackup, click here.

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