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Have you ever stopped to read the headlines that make news on the Internet?

  • Fact: Almost one in every three Internet users in the United States has been hit by either a computer virus or a hacker in the past two years.(1)
  • Fact: In just 24 hours, the 'MSBlast' Internet worm exploded onto some 120,000 Windows computers around the world.(2) Overall, MSBlast has infected an estimated 8 million PCs,(3) while damage from the worm is about $525 million USD.(4)
  • Fact: Internet security and privacy issues frequently dominate news headlines as hackers repeatedly infiltrate computers connected to the Internet and steal credit card numbers.(5)
  • Fact: Many users today are finding that their computers are saddled with unwanted piggyback software that tracks their online movements and feeds them unwanted advertising.(6)

How secure is your PC?

Infopackets Reader Clarence M. echoed his own security concerns when he emailed me this letter last week:

" Dennis,

I'd like to know ('straight from the horses mouth') the plain truth of what [I] need to do in order to keep my PC running smoothly.

When I first purchased my computer, I thought that all I needed to do was plug it in, connect it to the phone line, and everything would be OK.

I never dreamed [that connecting my computer to the Internet would create such a huge security risk]. With all the Viruses, Hackers, Spam, Parasites, Adware, and PopUps out there, can you just please tell me the names of software that I need to secure my PC?

Please, just give me the Plain Truth.

Love your Newsletter, Thanks, Clarence "

My response:

Clarence's letter came shortly after announcing that I would be compiling a new eBook and video on PC security (a little over a week ago). I am very pleased to announce that, after much effort, I have finally completed this project and it is now available for download.

Dubbed "Microsoft Windows and Internet Security: An in-depth look at security concerns facing home PC users today", the new PC Security tutorial contains 6 highly informative and entertaining chapters detailing everything you need to know to bulletproof your PC:

  • Introduction: The Plain Truth about Securing a Windows PC
  • Chapter 1: Operating System Exploits and Hackers

    What is a Hacker?
    What is an Operating System Exploit?
    Manual Updates, Critical Update Notifications, and Automatic Updates
    Installing Manual Updates (all versions of Windows)
    Enabling Automatic Critical Update Notifications
    Enabling Automatic Updates: for Windows ME, 2000, and XP
  • Chapter 2: Anti-Hacker Firewall Software

    What is a Firewall?
    Recommended Anti-Hacker Firewall software (free)
    Firewall Installation Steps
    Recommended Firewall Setting: Low Program Control
    Firewall Tray Icon: Description
    Updating your Firewall
  • Chapter 3: Anti-Virus Software

    What is a Virus?
    Virus Payload
    Keeping Virus Definitions Up-to-date
    Virus Propagation through Email
    Case Study: Virus Propagation through File-Sharing Programs
    Recommended Anti-Virus Software ($49.95)
    Recommended Anti-Virus Software (free)
  • Chapter 4: Spyware

    About Spyware
    Spyware Removal: Freeware vs. Paid Subscription models
    Question: Which modules are safe to remove, and which are not?
    Recommended Spyware Removal ($29.95)
    Recommended Spyware Removers (free)
  • Chapter 5: End User License Agreements

    What is an End User License Agreement (EULA)?
    EULA’s and Bundled Spyware Does it contain Spyware?
    How to Research Software for bundled Spyware using a Search Engine
  • Chapter 6: PopUp Advertisements

    Defining a PopUp Advertisement
    Recommended Browser PopUp Blocker (free)
    So what happens if you encounter a friendly PopUp?
    Recommended fix: Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)
    Recommended fix: Host File Patch (free)
    What is a Hosts file, and how does it block advertisements?
    Backing up the Hosts File
    How to Backup your Hosts File Manually
    How to Modify your Hosts File: Manual Installation
    Modifying the Hosts File: Automated Installation
    Recommended fix: Disable Messenger WinPopUps Service

The majority of the information contained in this eBook has *not* been discussed in our newsletter.

I have gone to great lengths to make this eBook and video as complete as possible. The methods used in the eBook are tried and tested, and are the same methods I use on my own PC. The software solutions discussed in the eBook are absolutely free -- and as an added bonus, I've included a very special video tutorial which highlights critical information discussed in the book.

If you're a die-hard Infopackets Gazette fan, you'll appreciate the effort put forth in this extremely straight-forward guide made especially for new and intermediate computer users.

The entire package is downloadable and less than 3 megabytes in size -- more than reasonable for users with dialup Internet access.

Download Dennis' new eBook and Video on PC Security today for only $29.95!

By purchasing this manual, 100% of your contribution goes toward covering the cost of maintaining Your generosity is greatly appreciated (and needed) to help our web site grow. Please show you support and purchase this guide today!

Side note: If you purchase my Security Guide in addition to my XP Service Pack 2 install guide, you can get both guides (covering over 160 pages) for only $49.95!


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