Reorganize / delete entries in Start Menu?

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Infopackets Reader Serge R. writes:

" Hi Dennis!

A few questions: How can I stop program entries from being created in my Start menu? ... Also, I'm not very computer savvy and do not understand all the abbreviations that are used all the time -- do you know of a web site that explains frequently used abbreviations? "

My Response:

Some program installations will ask if you want to place their icons in your start menu, while some installers simply do not. What you often end up with is a mess of entries in your Start menu.

But fear not, the contents of the Start menu can be edited. For all versions of Windows:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Place your mouse over the "Programs" icon, right click with mouse, and select Explore.
  3. Microsoft Explorer will appear (a new Window). Go through your Programs folder and remove folders / icons you don't want. You can also create new folders and place other folders inside (for a higher level of organization).

After you're done organizing your Start Menu, you can click Start -> Programs, right click any icon, and select "Sort by Name" to put the list in alphabetical order.

PS: I also found a great web site for looking up abbreviations, called It had every acronym listed that I could think of (like "BTW", "IMHO", and "ROTFLMAO").

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