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Throughout the day, hand-written reminders pile up on my desk and in my pocket. All too often, I misplace a phone number before getting a chance to enter it into my Outlook contacts, or one ends up going through the wash -- never to be recovered.

Luckily, I recently discovered a solution to my paper management problem when I came across a program called StickyNote for Windows.

What is StickyNote?

StickyNote creates beautiful 3D virtual reminders on Windows desktop, making it easy to keep track of important notes and reminders. In addition to stationing notes on the desktop, StickyNote also allows you to 'Note-ify' friends and colleagues over your network or the Internet. The notes pop up right on your friend's desktop, just as looks like on your PC!

What other features does StickyNote have?

  • Attach 3D notes to the Windows desktop or to documents: general purpose notes are attached to the desktop. Notes are optionally associated with an open program, displaying the StickyNote when the application is the top window on the screen. Attach relevant files to a note, so finding documents and information is simple.
  • Synchronize Contact Information: this feature requires the recipient to also use StickyNote, allowing the user to send a reminder note or other important details to contacts. Contact information can be synchronized with Outlook, Outlook Express, or PDA devices so that you'll never have to enter contact information in more than 1 place!
  • Save screen space by consolidating notes: just like sticking paper notes on a real desk, the Windows desktop gets cluttered by too many StickyNote memos. To avoid clutter, StickyNote organizes all notes into a list and tucks them off to the side of the screen for easy access.
  • Customize the appearance of notes by topic: by changing color, texture, and priority, it's easy to distinguish between a lunch appointment, a business meeting, or a visit to the doctor. StickyNote provides several predefined categories, which may be further customized to fit the needs of a specific user. Adjusting the transparency level of individual notes keeps stacked notes readable.
  • Set alarms based on notes to avoid missing deadlines: if the information on a StickyNote is time sensitive, configure an alarm to warn of an impending due date.

StickyNote: See it in action!

You can take a virtual tour of StickyNote through the Tenebril web site here (the link opens a new browser Window).


StickyNote is proving to be a lifesaver for me. Instead of digging through piles of paper on my desk, I'm finally able to find my notes before they end up in the dryer's lint trap (I'm still working on how to avoid sending receipts through the wash)!

I also like the fact that I can import my electronic notes into my Outlook Calendar and Contacts List without the need to re-type the information. And, although I won't be using StickyNote to send messages to my colleagues (they all use Mac computers), the program has great potential for improving intra-office communication.

StickyNote: Download

StickyNote is an excellent bargain at only $19.95, and can be downloaded immediately after purchase using the link below. And don't forget: portions of the sales of StickyNote goes directly toward maintaining the cost of the Infopackets web site!

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