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Infopackets Reader Bill C. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

After reading your review, I downloaded and installed WinOptimizer Platinum Suite. So far, it freed up almost 1.5 gig of space on my system. I was impressed. I also happened to come across another program called PowerUp XP Platinum, and was wondering if you would consider writing a review? It looks equally as good. Thanks in advance! PS: I have been enjoying your newsletters for quite some time. They're always informative and to the point. Please keep up the good work! "

My response:

Thanks for the kind words.

I did a bit of research on PowerUp XP Platinum and the majority of comments I read were positive. In fact, download.com rated PowerUp XP Platinum a 5/5, with 90% of users voting favorably for the program.

OK, so what is PowerUp XP Platinum?

In short, PowerUp XP Platinum is a convenient tool used for fine-tuning (or 'tweaking') Windows NT4 / 2000 / 2003 Server / XP environment. PowerUp XP provides safe, comprehensive system tuning with only a few mouse clicks in an attractive, intuitive interface.

Download.com's published review had this to say about the program:

" Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum makes enhancing your system [both easy and safe]. The numerous settings are skillfully packed into a compact, stylish interface. Each tweak [listed in PowerUp XP menu] has a detailed description accessible with a mouse click. We couldn't possibly enumerate all the tweaks available, but they cover the Windows XP-interface, file-system, security, and boot options. Besides common enhancements, the program includes a utility to irrevocably delete information, clean the Registry, and to optimize your Internet connection. " (Source: download.com)

PowerUp XP: features breakdown

There are so many features of PowerUp XP that it is not possible to list them all. For this reason, I have provided a brief synopsis of each of the major sections.

  • System Tuning: (many, many cool tweaks): optimize / change / customize user interface, desktop, explorer, start menu, system processes, swap file, processor cache, mouse behavior, and change system paths.
  • Drive and Files: auto start disable / enable CD ROMs, file system protection, optimize 'last access' writes for NTFS file systems, force Ultra DMA 66/100 (super fast hard drive access), enable / disable low disk warnings, plus many more file system tweaks.
  • Boot options: privacy / clean tracks at startup (erase opened document history, run history, temporary Internet files, IE history, search files history, empty recycle bin), clean Internet explorer, desktop boot optimization, customize login screen, and boot parameters.
  • Security: (many, many features): show 'documents' folder, full access to start menu, hide desktop icons, remove 'shutdown' from start menu, disable registry editor, configure control panel (restrictions), multiple Internet / explorer customizations, and a boat load of XP security tweaks (Alexa, media player, MSN messenger), and more.
  • Network and Internet: Outlook Express and Internet Explorer optimizations / customizations, including: max connections per web site (speed up), hide computer from network, temp Internet file cleanup, change the window title name, DNS caching, plus, a 2-step network optimization feature.
  • Icons: change the way icons look in the Start Menu or desktop.
  • Applications: MS Office, Word, and Excel optimization tweaks, set 'maximum' undo history, and modify MS Outlook file attachment allow list, and more.

PowerUp XP Platinum: Tuning Wizard and PowerUp Tools

If you're too engrossed to figure out which tweak to use, Ashampoo offers a friendly 'tuning wizard' (accessible from the top left-most button on the screen). The tuning wizard makes tweaking suggestions based performance and security level criteria. All that is needed after that is to click the "apply" button to launch the suggested tweaks.

And if that wasn't enough, Ashampoo also bundles a nifty utility with PowerUp XP, called 'PowerUp Tools'. It includes a system registry cleaner (used to optimize system performance) and a file wiper (used to make deleted files completely unrecoverable).

Very cool.


The features offered by PowerUp XP Platinum are both extensive and straight forward. The interface is easy to use and intuitive. I especially like the fact that I can point to a tweak and then select 'function help' to learn how the feature interacts with the system. For this reason, Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum will certainly appeal to novices -- especially those who aspire to be power users.

PowerUp XP Platinum: Virtual Tour

Click here to see a black and white video of PowerUp XP Platinum in use (1 meg download, no plugins required).

Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum: Download

PowerUp XP Platinum normally retails for $49.99 (as seen on their web site) -- however, Ashampoo is currently offering Infopackets Readers a very generous discount. If you purchase PowerUp XP Platinum through our site today, you'll save 35% and pay only $32.50! This offer was created specifically for our Readers and is not available through any other web site.


Side note: Ashampoo is also currently offering WinOptimizer Platinum Suite, Uninstaller Suite and CD Recording Suite at 35% off for our Readers. To find out more, click any of the product links to read a review.

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