WinXP SP2 questions, GoogleCash eBook discount

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Normally I don't send out newsletters on Fridays, but seeing that my computer practically bit the dust a week ago, I'm a bit behind with a lot of things.

RE: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Questions

I mentioned yesterday that I would be compiling a failsafe guide to teach newbies how to upgrade their computers using Windows XP Service Pack 2.

If you haven't heard the buzz already, Service Pack 2 is a major upgrade to Windows XP that fixes *many* security vulnerabilities, and makes using the Internet much safer place. Some of the features in SP2 include a built in PopUp Blocker (in Internet Explorer), "execution protection" making it harder for viruses' to attack your machine, safer email handling against exploits, an Internet Firewall, Active-X monitor, and many, many more badly needed security measures. For a list of the features present in Service Pack 2, please visit (note that this page is very detailed, but not a complete list).

Having said that, some of the features present in Service Pack 2 can create conflicts with some system setups, and in the worse case, trash an entire computer if the installation fails (it happened to me!). However, because the benefits of installing SP2 greatly outweigh the 'risks', I'm driven to put together a 'failsafe' guide that will teach users the smart way to upgrade their machines.

That withstanding, a number of Readers emailed me today with more questions related to Service Pack 2. As such, I would like to encourage all of you to please email me any question you have about Windows XP Service Pack 2, so that my guide will be complete. You can email me by using this link.

RE: GoogleCash eBook discount

Speaking of being a bit behind, Chris Carpenter emailed me earlier today and apologized for not getting back to me sooner (apparently he's been having trouble connecting to the Internet).

At any rate, Chris thanked me wholeheartedly for mentioning his eBook in the Gazette newsletter yesterday and wanted to extend a very special discount for Infopackets Readers. In his email, Chris assured me that this was the first time that he's ever extended a discount to anyone and by doing so, he wanted to make it a generous 20% off the regular price (including a 90 day money back guarantee). I realize that this is a bit late notice for some of you, but, these things happen this news is certainly newsworthy of the cliche "it's better late then never."

The link to the discounted page his here.

I realize that the concept of Internet Marketing is new to many of you, so I've done a bit of digging through Google and found a few noteworthy references that can help better explain how marketing on the Internet works. If you decide to download the GoogleCash guide, don't forget to come back to this article and use our discounted link (it's not available on the sites listed below).

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