New Technology Can Eavesdrop VOIP, Video Streaming

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Two researchers have revealed tools that reportedly allow people to eavesdrop on video conference calls and intercept surveillance camera video. The only requirement for using the free tool is that you be in the same building as the caller or call receiver.

UCSniff for Voice over IP (VOIP) Networks

UCSniff is a free tool that available for Linux and Windows. According to Jason Ostrom, director of the Viper Lab at Sipera Systems, the tool offers a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes 'sniffing' video easy. It works by tricking the voice-over-IP (VOIP) network carrying the video into sending the data packets to the eavesdropper's computer. (Source:

VideoJak for Intercepting Video Streams

Viper Lab has also developed a free tool called VideoJak that can be used to intercept video streams. VideoJak can be used to change live surveillance video so it can be replaced by a video stream that loops endlessly. Users can replay the video from the same stream or replace it with something else. (Source:

Companies that use encryption on their network servers to encrypt the audio or video streams are protected against these types of attacks. By default, most servers do not employ this type of encryption.

Both tools can be used to assess the vulnerability of your network.

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