Win7 for Cheap: 3 Ways to Get Big, Legit Discounts

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If you have yet to make the switch to Windows 7, perhaps because of financial reasons, then you are wise. There are a number of ways to get your hands on the upgrade for a discounted price, proving once again that good things will come to those who wait.

Here are some deals to help combat the "new release" sticker prices.

3-for-1 Windows Family Pack

The first deal is the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack. Here, prospective buyers will receive up to 58 per cent off of the suggested retail price, if there are two or more PCs making the upgrade. The bundle consists of two DVDs, one copy of the 32-bit and one copy of the 64-bit Home Premium upgrade installation media and an activation key that will upgrade up to three PCs that already have a legitimate, activated copy of Windows 2000, XP, or Vista already pre-installed. (Source:

While the Microsoft store has the price of the Family Pack listed at $149.99, insiders are certain that the package can be scooped up elsewhere online for a little cheaper.

Win7-Ready PCs: 2nd Upgrade at 50% Off

The second deal is along the same lines as the first, but this offer appeals to those users who purchased a new Windows 7-ready PC and wish to get an additional copy. This second copy can be obtained at a price break of up to 50 per cent through the Microsoft Store and other participating retailers. So, if you know someone who has purchased a new Win7 PC, you can have them pick up a "second copy" to give to you at a tremendous price break.

Anytime Upgrade Incentives

The third deal is called Anytime Upgrade and appeals to those who are already running a Win7 PC, but wish to upgrade to another edition of the operating system.

For example, a move from Win7 Home Premium Edition to Win7 Professional can be had for around $89.95 direct from Microsoft. Although a bit steep, it is considerably cheaper than shelling out the full $199.99 retail price without the upgrade incentive. (Source:

Win7 for $30: Student Discount

A fourth option, which was suggested by a reader after we originally posted this article can snag a copy of Windows 7 at the uber-discount rate of $30. For this to technically work you'd need proof of enrolment, among other pre-qualifications. More info here and at the digital river site.

While the above deals are now available for the frugal consumer, it is important to remember that Microsoft still has a lot to gain from offering these bargains. In most cases, it is Win7 owners who get the best price break. While sharing offers and editions among friends is a practice not condoned by Microsoft, it still proves to be a cost-saving, quasi-legal way of ensuring that you receive a new, licensed copy of Windows 7 while the product is still a relatively hot item.

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