0Spam.com -- the ultimate free anti-spam solution?

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I'm swamped this time of year, and so is my inbox -- full of spam (unsolicited email) offers, that is.

RE: the ultimate free anti-spam solution?

I recently stumbled across a web site that offers a free, seamless anti-spam solution: all without the need to install special, third-party software or to configure complex mail filter rules.

Because there the client computer does not require a software integration, this makes 0Spam platform independent and perfect for home or corporate use, whether it's for a Linux, Mac, or Windows machine.

From the 0Spam.com web site:

" 0Spam works with POP3 email, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts ... 0Spam is simply an external service that [operates silently -- much like a telephone long distance company] or Internet Service provider ... it works by standing in-between your email server(s) and the Internet, and scans your incoming email for spam, porn and viruses ... what's left is just pure, legitimate email.

... 0Spam.com is not a software program. You need not download or install any software for it to work, and there is no need to change the way your email accounts are currently setup. Once you have joined 0Spam.com and configured your email account, nothing more is required on your part. If a potential spammer tries to send you an email, the message will be temporarily stored on our 0Spam server until the sender verifies that they are in fact a human being and not a computer (mail server) spewing out mass, unsolicited email messages.

... While most spam messages are written in English, we also defeat spam in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian (just to name a few) ... the 0Spam.com service is free for up to 1 email account ... you can also use 0Spam with any email filtering programs (such as Mailwasher) that you may already have installed on your computer. "


Side note: the web site 0Spam.com is NOT the same as 0Spam.net. Please keep this in mind when visiting the site. 0Spam.com offers 1 free email account with their service, while 0Spam.net only offers a 30-day trial.

RE: testing 0Spam with my own email account

I was pretty impressed with what I read about the 0Spam.com service and decided to set up an account. I sent a test message to myself (using two separate email accounts) and after waiting a few minutes, I received an email notification from 0Spam.com asking me to verify myself. Neat.

Admittedly, the 0Spam.com web site is a bit ambiguous at first glance. If you're going to use this free service, you might also want to grab 0Spam.com Express, a free utility that sits in your tray bar which allows you to check your email accounts for messages.

If a message is re-directed to your Junk email folder, you can view or "undelete" a message by clicking the Junk Mail Folder link [at the top of the page] after you've logged into the 0Spam.com web site. If you decide not to use 0Spam.com, you can disable the service by clicking the "Settings / Accounts" link (also located at the top of the 0Spam.com page after you've logged in).

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0Spam.com: comments from Readers?

Have you tried the free service offered by 0Spam.com?

I would like to hear what you think and will most likely include a follow-up article with comments from Readers (you can email me here). Instructions for setting up your 0Spam.com account (free) can be obtained by clicking the "register" link on 0Spam.com site:


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