Windows SkyDrive Set for Major Overhaul

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Microsoft is working on a covert overhaul of Windows Live SkyDrive, their popular file hosting service that allows users to upload documents and access them from a web browser.

The new SkyDrive will be featured as part of the Windows Live Wave 5 set of services. Included in the proposed changes is an HTML5 version of its image viewer alongside a refreshed interface to view documents and files uploaded to the free service. (Source:

HTML5 Ensures Cross-Platform Support

The reason that the Windows team is relying a little more on HTML5 is to ensure cross-platform support for Microsoft and third-party applications and services.

Many critics believe that the presence of HTML support in Internet Explorer 9 (and the forthcoming Internet Explorer 10) will be a key part of Microsoft's Windows 8 strategy, including Windows 8-supported tablets.

In a similar manner, SkyDrive is expected to be a key component of Microsoft's Office Web Applications future, including the recently revealed Windows Phone "Mango" update. Microsoft is currently in the midst of retooling their Office Hub with Mango, an update that is expected to become available on new Windows Phones later this year.

The new SkyDrive is also rumored to support streaming music for Windows Phone Mango customers.

Microsoft Tight-Lipped About SkyDrive Changes

Microsoft did not divulge any new information concerning the updated SkyDrive interface, nor did they reveal if the rumored changes were ever going to be implemented.

When approached for comment, one Microsoft spokesperson stated that the "SkyDrive team does not have anything to disclose at this time," while the Windows Phone department had "nothing more to say about changes coming to SkyDrive." (Source:

Nevertheless, analysts suggest that the release of Windows Live Wave 5 is inevitable, and while no release date has been confirmed, some feel as if it could very well lag behind the expected 2012 release of Windows 8 by up to a year.

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