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Synopsis: Is your computer desktop covered with leaflets of paper reminders? Want to recover your previous desktop space and reclaim your sanity? Then why not try Cute Reminder?! With Cute Reminder, you can create simply-to-use (and non-annoying!) reminders to manage your desktop notes with just one or two mouse clicks! Cute Reminder's extremely easy to use interface provides comfort at your workplace whether you're in the office or at home. With the help of Cute Reminder software, you can easily create desktop sticky notes and make reminders for an appointment, birthday, phone call, bill payment, meeting, oil change, TV show and other events or tasks. Never miss another important reminder again -- with Cute Reminder!

Cute Reminder: Screenshots

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What is Cute Reminder for?

  • An efficient 'reminders' handling system
  • Stores information you usually write down in a notebook or on paper sticky notes
  • Support in the creation and fulfillment of your ideas
  • Assistance in planning your time
  • Making your workplace more comfortable
  • And best of all: saves trees, ink, and precious desktop space!

Cute Reminder: List of Features

  • Quick and simple interface: You will never be stuck with inappropriate attention-distracting options. We keep the interface of our reminder software as simple and clear as possible to provide you with the comfort you need: only two mouse clicks are necessary to set up a reminder and only one is enough to postpone it.
  • Absolutely no distractions: Cute Reminder is so cute and user-friendly that it will not distract you even when reminding you. It will place a clearly visible reminder on the right side of your screen without interrupting your current work. You can see the reminder's full description by just moving your mouse pointer to the sign; you can operate reminders with only one mouse click.
  • Creativity support: Have you ever thought how creative you are? Have you ever experienced the power of your own creativity? Are you eager to improve it? Cute Reminder will preserve your ideas from being lost and provide you with the ability to produce brilliant ideas effortlessly. It's just fun!
  • Customizable skins: Each Cute Reminder's skin can be colored according to your preferences. You can get your personal look and feel of Cute Reminder in seconds! The color editor is embedded directly into the application.
  • Intelligent audio support: You can play back your favorite music when a reminder triggers. You do not need to select the sound file each time you make a reminder; the application is intelligent enough to recognize automatically which one to play. Various sound formats (such as mp3 or wma) are supported.
  • Convenient desktop sticky notes: Desktop notes are exactly like the ones made of paper. You can customize, group and arrange them on your desktop very easily. You can leave a sticky note in the background or make it stay on top of all windows so you can always see it. Unlike with paper sticky notes, searching for information is quick and simple, there is no clutter on your desk or monitor and you will never lose an important note since they are automatically saved into history. Cute Reminder's sticky notes hide their title bars to save space on your desktop.
  • Advanced reminders: You can set up recurring reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis to achieve control over birthdays, anniversaries and annual events. If you are doing a job on a regular basis such as updating specific data, Cute Reminder will open a file, web link or an e-mail letter for you.
  • Scheduling and planning: You can fully control upcoming events and plan your time. Your schedule is always accessible with only one mouse click.
  • History and Trace: Cute Reminder will act as a personal chronicler for you. If at some point you need to look back and recall the events of the past, it will provide you with this opportunity. In addition to the "Find" function, there is a "Trace" feature. It will show you the individual history of any selected event.

Cute Reminder: Download

Cute Reminder is free to try and $29.95 to buy.

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